Were the Injun Wolves really better than Hogs this year?

That claim was thrown about a few weeks ago, based primarily on comparative scores vs. Coastal Carolina. I don’t think it really holds up. ASU’s loss to the mighty Murfreesboro Middle School dropped them to 7-5 on the season. Had Miami not been stopped from visiting J’boro, by of all things a hurricane, they would have been 7-6 vs a considerably weaker schedule than the Hogs faced. It is possible that they might have beaten the Hogs this year, depending on what week they played us. However, I doubt they would have matched our 4 wins versus our schedule. Doubtful they would have beaten the rebellious ones in Oxford and the grind of playing physically superior teams week after week would have worn them down worse than it did the Hogs. Granted the gap between the teams was much narrower than it usually is. That’s why we have a new coaching staff. I expect the natural order of the universe to be restored quickly.

Arkansas State has built its reputation by winning a lot of games in the weakest conference in the FBS. Look at its record against FBS teams outside the Sun Belt over the past seven seasons when it has gone to a bowl game every year. It is 6-21 with wins over Memphis (twice), UCF, Utah State, Ball State and Kent State.

Many of the 21 losses have not been competitive.

AS of Whoever, Jonesboro, has it made in the shade as long as they don’t actually have to play the games they so plaintively whine for!


AS of Whoever, Jonesboro, has it made in the shade as long as they don’t actually have to play the games they so plaintively whine for!


Arkansas State has a very good head coach an coaching staff and a quality program that has had sustained success.

I’m sure Justice Hansen and the A-State offense would have put lots of points on offense against Arkansas as everyone outside did.

The battle would have been decided how Arkansas offense would have fared.

Agreed - ASU’s tesm speed on offense would have given Arkansas fits. The fact this is even a point of discussion is why people all over the state will be opening up Christmas presents that contain #HammerDown shirts and their old #Uncommon shirts will be used to wash cars.

You just wont miss an opportunity, will you?

I had planned to finish my college education at ASU after a first year at UAM. But I met this gal that’s been my bride for over 46 years and decided to stay closer to Pine Bluff to court her. A great decision. Many of my friends were ASU Indians and a dear friend married a football player for the Indians and he became a dear friend. But none of those that attended there (that I know of) root for the Indians (sorry Red Wolves) now. They are Hog fans like me.

I’m okay with playing them but have no great passion for that the happen. I suppose what I’m saying is that their fan base is very small. Maybe you could say “I’m little but I’m loud”.

I watched some of there bowl game and was impressed.