We're not the only SEC team......

That is defensively challenged and schizzo. Just look at today’s games. It’s Alabama and the 13 dwarfs this year. Every team not wearing classic Crimson and White unis has at least four losses. Or maybe Florida has only 3 but they still stink. If SEC teams were graded on the curve, we’d probably make a B-. Good news is that we didn’t have to cheat to earn our B-. Can you say the same for Ole Miss and that D they’re bringing home? Yeah I’m disappointed even though 7-5 is exactly what I predicted before the season began. I don’t play the fire coaches game, but if CBB thinks he needs to make some changes, so be it. I do think that 7-5, 3-5 in year 5 will not be good enough to get him to year 6.

And we aren’t Texas or ND. Those are dumpster fires.

Dumpster fires they may be, but I almost guarantee you each will have 10 win seasons before we do.

Yes, it is hard to hire a good football coach, because demand is greater than supply. Many poorly coached SEC teams today, including Arkansas. Finding the right time to upgrade the position is a great challenge. Make no mistake, though, that is the path we are on. You can only reshuffle assistants so many times.

Perhaps we can lure Fleck from Purdue in a year or two

How long before Taggart gets his next promotion? Expected him to be KY’s next coach but Stoops has bought more time.

We could have hired MacEntyre in 2013 but the program building sample size was small at that point even with Jerry Jones recommendation. I expect his $2mm salary will be far larger come January.

Absolutely agree. My question for you, if you care to speculate, what’s the time frame for this to happen? Are we looking at an HDN type drawn out ending or are we nearing an end?

Are you seriously comparing our image, brand value, recruiting network et al to Texas and Notre Dame??? We are nowhere capable of competing with them so why would you beat us up in a comparison???

Be still my beating heart.

As usual, you don’t have a clue. My post has nothing to do with “beating us up” and everything to do with pointing out how foolish it is for a Razorback fan to including us in the same class as Texas and ND, while apparently trying to make themselves feel better by pointing out the current misery of those two schools.

Many poorly coached teams in the SEC? And if all 14 were coached by the 14 best coaches, what kinds of records would they have?

That’s has silly as saying “All Officials are bad.” It just shows what a difficult job it is.

The SEC probably has the best coaches in the country. It’s where practically all coaches aspire to be (talking football, of course).

The way Arkansas plays out will be determined in part by the way the rest of the SEC develops. Every other team in the West has its own questions. Even Alabama. Does Saban want to coach past age 70? He’s 65. How long does he keep going? Bear Bryant retired at age 69.

Auburn just finished an 8-4 regular season, having gone 6-6 last season and 8-4 the year before that. They are treading water.

Texas A&M was 8-4, 8-4 and 7-5 in the past three regular seasons. Their future is no clearer than it was last winter, when Kevin Sumlin was forced to make a lot of changes.

Ole Miss and Mississippi State were 5-7 this year. Does either situation look good to you?

Then there’s LSU, which could go any direction from here after retaining Ed Orgeron.

This is, of course, the right time for Arkansas to stay its course, but good grief what a mess the 2016 season has been. Accountability is a big part of Bret Bielema’s system, and now he has to apply that to himself and his coaching staff. It’s hard to imagine they have much rope left.

This is why I am not that upset about our situation. I am not happy about this season, but we are trying to improve in the worst environment possible- Toughest Division in the world of CFB. Bama and Saban have created an domination that other schools keep trying to fire and hire their way to be able to compete.

LSU will be good if they get a QB and I am sure O will find one. Bama and LSU will be at the top of the SECW for a while. AU is a QB away from being good but Gussiah is on thinner ice too. Needless to say, this conference is insanely strong, but the polls are structured against our mid level teams. The polls don’t recognize A 4-4 SEC team is much stronger than a 4-4 equivalent from the ACC, Big12, AAC, etc.

Except the SEC had a losing record against the other power 5 conferences this year

“Misery loves company” :wink:

I can’t physically tolerate Razorback sports anymore. Maybe I will watch replays of good games. My blood pressure goes crazy during these awful games like the men’s basketball team against Minnesota (during the nine straight possessions without a score, followed by three straight wide-open threes by the Gophers) and the Missouri football game.

The doctor asked me to check my blood pressure while watching games, at my wife’s request (living next door to your doc sucks). I literally can’t take it any longer.

Frank Syndrome, you’re not alone when it comes to watching bad Hog sports.

Good perspective here