were in trouble with this pitcher

unhittable curve ball and we are taking all the right down the middle fastballs,that and they have ambushed knight for 3 already…could be a long night

Yep. I’d be tempted to yank Knight right now and save him for later in the series if needed.

Digging ourselves a mountain. Might be too much to overcome. Can’t allow any more runs at all & must get at least 6. Thank goodness there’s tomorrow and Sunday.

take a breath :lol:

Arkansas has been putting some good swings on Thompson tonight. They might get him out quicker than he’s accustomed.

I know it’s theoretically possible to come back from an 11 run deficit after 4 innings, but aren’t we at a point where we need to let Denton get as deep as he possibly can so we can save our BP until tomorrow?

Absolutely. That’s what is happening now. Rogers and Denton are not pitchers you otherwise would see on Friday.

Is it possible the pitching signs are being stolen? I realize a bad game happens from time to time but wow.

I doubt it. Knight’s pitches weren’t locating; many up in the zone that were easy hits. He also walked a high number.

Denton is a specialty guy being asked to eat up innings tonight. He’s not ready for this kind of outing against a good team. He is a pitcher who usually comes in for 1 to 3 outs.