we're in trouble Murphy not sharp

everythnig right down the middle!! and their pitcher is just going to keep throwing that CB and we look terrible against it…maybe he will hang a few

Negative ! Think positive if it’s possible!

I do…just can see he’s not sharp…called reality

Everything they’re hitting is finding a hole. Thank goodness we got the runner at first on that bunt or we’d be looking at 2 with no outs.

Well maybe not their pitcher is starting to hang that breaking ball Fletcher is on fire

When this game is over look at the final score. If you want an observation I’ll give you one. On a 3-2 count to get on base all you have too do is take he hasn’t thrown a stoke in that count yet!
Heston needs to rip the first pitch of his at bats. Lee never got a swing at a strike.
I’ll take the hogs in this game and tomorrow.

nobody hopes we come back and win any more than I do. Murphy just doesn’t have his best stuff tonight is my point. Hopefully he will get control of his breaking ball and changeup. Yes Heston taking way too many pitches

Murphy was uncharacteristicly off early but he has settled down. Only 9 pitches in the bottom of 4th. He has things under control at this point. We need to get LSU pitcher count up and get to their bullpen.

Yes hopefully he is found his Groove we need him too. And maybe this pitcher can hang another breaking ball

He’s pitching much better now. Hope he can keep this up for another couple of innnings. LSU is now in their BP

Kacey cruised through the fifth. Need to play add-on against this freshman reliever.

Unfortunately, we go 1-2-3 against the reliever. Got the bat on the ball at least twice, but nothing to show. We definitely need some insurance runs.

Yes looks like I jumped the gun a little bit on him but he was so awful in the first I didn’t ever think he would last this long. Should have got more out of that Bases Loaded nobody out and we did though

Koch smoked the ball

3B had to catch it or get killed

At least Murphy is smoking right now. He’s only into the mid 80’s in his pitch count. Maybe we can get another inning out of him.

No way. You? Never.

Yeah I knew old Pig would make his little SA comment… that proves to you I’m human pig

Yeah I knew old Pig would make his little SA comment… that proves to you I’m human pig

Bad fielding all of a sudden. Seems we often see a pitcher make a bad throw to first when fielding a bunt. I know it was a tough play for Kenley, but it really hurt not getting that lead off hitter out.

We should have already broken this game open but we didn’t and we let them hang around they had to lead now