We're gonna beat LSU!

Ok Ok…even I, the eternal optimist, don’t actually believe that.

But, LSU does NOT have a juggernaut offense. And what they can do well is what we stop well…better than some things.

If Ty can play like he did against Bama…who knows.

We have done crazier things against LSU.

Its something to hope for anyway. It would certainly give our seniors at least one damn good memory for the year. And a jolt to recruiting.

Here’s hoping!!!

LSU is usually beat up after Bama when they play us. We are rested & healed up.
Their offense hasn’t done much all year.

But their defense has quite a few future NFL players on it & the best secondary Ty has faced.

LSU doesn’t have an explosive offense.
I agree with that statement. The question is can the hogs show up and stop the run.
Can the hogs play man to man pass coverage? That’s what it will take.
Special teams we may have an edge kicking field goals.
On offense can the hogs avoid stupid penalties pre snap. That’s been a problem at times. Can the OL protect the QB. Will Ty avoid taking hits and be able to stay in the game? Can the hogs stretch the field with the deep ball? Will we have a good day rushing the ball? A lot of questions

Maybe but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Don’t see it. That is one very good defense. Their offense was facing a different animal tonight. Our only resemblance to what they faced tonight is that both wear helments. That is it. One playes defense and one does not even act like they know what that is.

Seemed there were a bunch of familiar names on the LSU defense. Our defense would look a lot different if we had gotten White, Fulton and some others we recruited pretty hard.

You can make the same statement when we played Texas A&M. I think in the next 2 years our talent on the field will greatly improve. It won’t compare to Bama but should be pretty equal to the rest of the conference.

As I recall, Devin White “said” he wanted to play running back and Arkansas told him they would use him as running back, despite everyone else seeing a future NFL linebacker in that big, fast body. He kept everyone guessing, but from the start, I thought we might just have a chance with him if indeed, he really did want to play RB and wasn’t just fooling everyone. But, he stayed home, and played LB, just like LSU said they wanted him to do. Just like we want our best in-state players to wear Hogs on their helmet, in Louisiana, if you grew up with Tigers in your blood, it is hard to go elsewhere if they come calling.

Great post Army, we should be rested and have some guys back from injuries and I think we will see some new starters after the poor showing a week ago. Having said that we are who we are and that’s a struggling program but I’m a never say die type of fan and CCM is not going to concede anything no matter who it is and that’s the reason we play the games. As someone else posted earlier a win next week could be the biggest recruiting tool we have to use this year. WPS

No harm in dreaming, but is there one more miracle for us.

I don’t see it. Their defense will dominate our OL and Ty will be scrambling for his life. Their offense has some talent and will gash us with their running game &play action passing. The difference is this game is in both lines of scrimmage, plain and simple. Both of theirs are really good, and ours are not.

I don’t see a miracle happening this year. Too much of a talent gap and the Mad Hatter ain’t the coach anymore.

I can’t and won’t pick Arkansas to win another SEC game until they actually win another SEC game.

1-14 in our last 15 SEC game … YIKES

Beaten by a combined 73-20 in our last two get togethers with Orgeron coached LSU teams

Reports of players being notified they are being processed out of the program… players with good friends on the team. What’s that mean for locker room morale?

Optimism is a beautiful thing, but realism says winter is still here for Razorback football and the long night continues.

2-10 is most likely the final tally and then the scramble is on by Morris and staff to go about the hard job of recruiting, processing, developing, etc. to begin to climb out of this long occupied basement.

I know what you’re saying and if we had anything even remotely resembling a defense we might could put a scare into them but they will ram it down our throat and then playaction and we will make Burrow look like Joe Montana.

An optimistic prayer probably won’t help…

“Reports” of players being notified they are being processed out of the program?
I’m curious to see those reports if in fact there are actual reports and not just “assumptions” at this point.

Now everyone knows there will be changes, but you make it sound like pink slips have already been handed out to some players.

Other message boards- some from posters I’ve observed to be credible in the past.

Given the transfer portal is now open it would actually be the right thing to do IMO for the staff to let players know they are not in the plans so they can have as much time as possible to make new plans for themselves.

just like last year, they will kill us. will be interesting what our offense can manage against their defense, i think very little.

their offense is no juggernaut but our defense stinks.

i think nolan has two games left and still keep his redshirt. i would play story this game, and nolan the next two. but i don’t see much hope at all if any against LSU. orgeron mentioned us 4 times in his after game press conference.

just like last year I’m afraid.

Ty has proven he can’t play against a good defense without having a couple of turnovers. Yes, he makes some nice throws and moves the team better than our other QBs. However, I’d give our only undefeated starting QB, Noland, a shot in this LSU game. If Morris would give him as much of the playbook as he does Ty, Connor might surprise us. I believe he gives us our only very, very, very slight chance at a win. Multiple turnovers by our QB gives us a zero chance at a win.

Yea Noland might surprise us, but this is an LSU defense with future NFL players on it especially the back 7, unlike the Tulsa defense.

Not sure it’s so much about which QB we play as it is about how quick our receivers can find open space. You can bet LSU will come full tilt after our QB & depend on their secondary to cover.
They have 250 lb LB’s that are about as fast as Noland.

Love the optimistic outlook…
The Tigers will be in a nasty mood this weekend—
We have maybe 2 players who could play on that team
Regardless—I’ll be there yelling like hell for my school…

Go hogs…

LSU will not take us as a serious threat
This game will be like a bowl game to us
LSU will not take us as a serious threat
We have had 2 weeks rest and they just got pummeled
LSU will not take us as a serious threat
The weather will be cold
LSU will not take us as a serious threat
This is a trophy game
LSU will not take us as a serious threat
Our Seniors last home game
Night game in Fayetteville