We're allergic to putting

teams away. Always let teams stay in the game with costly mistakes. We gotta be able to smell blood and finish folks off.

We all know that this is not a great Arkansas football team, but the Razorbacks have put up 10 points in the third Q to push it to 20-0 from its 10-0 advantage at halftime.

This is a Tulsa team that lost 28-21 to Texas in Austin and 25-24 to No. 10 and visiting South Florida last week.

I’m impressed!

We are a much better team than we were a month ago. This team would beat CSU handily today. It would also beat UNT. We might still win an SEC game. I could see us beating Vandy & MAYBE upset either MU or MSU.

If we can stay healthy.

We need to be able to acknowledge the improvements the hogs have made this season and accept the record. It’s getting better. Frustration may be a part of life but find the positives in this season. In years past the hogs went backwards this season they are improving.

feels good to win,it was obviously going to be a boring offesnsive day with such a vanilla gameplan but Noland played very wll all consdiering and defense played extremely well…great job!

There QB missed receivers all day that could have kept them in the game. Their kicker missed two field goals that were makeable. I am thankful for the win but I think we played better against Mississippi.

When you get hit hard & sacked 6 times & multiple hurries, can tend to cause some inaccuracies.

Huge difference having a 4th year JR and a true frosh QB…Good win and the true frosh grew up today which is whats needed