We're a bad hair team

I hereby offer my services to Muss as a coiffure consultant.

Jalen - you got your hair on the wrong side of your headband. A simple adjustment will change your game. Move that hair around a bit.

Smith needs to take a look at Moody. He’s got it done right. They need to get together.

Connor is too blond. He needs to add some pink and green highlights. It will transform him.

And Desi… You need a compete makeover dude. You’ve got the red dye ON THE WRONG SIDE OF YOUR HEAD. Desi, you got it on the right side. You’re a lefty, put some Grecian on the right and do the red dye on your dominant left side. It will change your finish and everything else.

Shocked that Muss can’t see all this.


Brilliant! Like when “Nuke” lost his control on the mound in Bull Durham and Annie convinced him to wear ladies underwear and breath through his eyelids. I think you’re on to something here! :sunglasses::smirk:

You are on point, Pavlov. We are the bad hair team of the SEC. Bad hair and bad shooting… not a good combination.

Sounds good to me. Had not noticed, but certain that would make a big difference. No wonder those shots are falling of to the wrong side

I don’t know if we have the worst hair in the SEC. LSU had some bad dews on their team.

Good ideas, Pav. But I think we should go back to the shaved pates of a few years back. Bound to make us quicker and better on defense.


I decided to stop watching late in the second half and got a haircut. Easy to get into the barber shop (and I guess that’s what you still call it) late on a Saturday afternoon. I did hear someone there say, “What’s happened to our basketball team?” I decided not to join the conversation. I wish I’d thought of telling the “hair stylists” that they could solve this team’s troubles.

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