We're #1 Strength of Schedule Tenn #11

We have played Texas,TCU and Ms State in the top 10,and won all of them on the road Tenn has played 1 that being Vandy and Vandy won 2/3…We have played 5 in the top 25,they have played 2.

This may not mean anything but we have faced tougher competition than they have.

I flipped past the OU/OSU game the other night, and they happened to show the Big XII standings. The top three are TCU, Texas and Tech, the three teams we beat in the season-opening schedule. I thought TCU was the best of the three at the time, and they are in the lead at the moment.

Does TCU still lead after Texas beat them 2/3 this weekend?

You are right bc. All of those ratings mean nothing. Weather will cooperate on Rocky Top this weekend. No double headers in sight.

If the hogs can avoid a DH I like the hogs chance for DVH to manage the bullpen batter and get more mileage out of Kopps!
Last nights game was a glimpse and also hope that Ramage, Noland, Wiggins and Toll might be able to get it done.

Weather shouldn’t be a problem, series will be determined by does our offense show up. Tenn philosophy is to throw strikes so if we will come out swinging and stop taking all these pitches, hit well with RISP, I think we will win, if not we’re in trouble, they are on fire offensively and we will have our hands full shutting them down, game 1 is huge, really need to win that one.

We scheduled a 3 week RV trip to Michigan months ago and will miss the Hogs in Knoxville. Lived in Chattanooga for the past 24 years and have made the drive to EOE-K many times. My Vol friends are texting me already about the series. My grandson and his baseball team will be there Saturday. Hayden will proudly wear his Razorback gear even through the rest of his team will probably have on Vol gear. This 11 year old wears it almost every day to school. We’re acquainted with Kareem Reid and Hayden told him once he’d see him in Fayetteville one day when he’s a Hog baseball player. WPS


The Vols are about to play a different kind of animal this weekend…

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I’m confident but not overly so. I’d be thrilled with a 2-1 split

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As long as it is the #OmaHogs with the two wins.

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Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Just don’t get swept Baby! Said no one. But many have thought it.

We have been #1 in SOS…or, for a day or two at a time, #2…the last 2 months. This isn’t news.

Nor, should it be surprising to anyone who’s been halfway paying attention to our success and who we’ve been playing. In fact, it would be stunning if we weren’t at the top of the SOS ranking.

I knew we were #1 in SOS, the post was to show the difference in who we had played and that they were # 11,I doubt very few if any knew anything about who Tenn had played or what their SOS was,so it was definently news to a lot of people.


It comes down to this; when you play the Hogs, your SOS jumps into the Top Ten.

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