Went to this weekend's tournament site ----------------------


Noticed they have a kickoff luncheon fundraiser on Thursday and Dave is the only head coach not listed as attending. Are the Hogs traveling at that time? Just wondered why he was the only head coach not supporting it.

Noticed that we and Texas are the only teams playing in 2 of the 3 primetime 7:00 PM games. That can’t be just because our fans travel because LSU is closer and their fans set the bar for traveling to support their team. We are the highest ranked team in the tourney but Oklahoma is higher ranked than Texas. Here is the best site I have found, so far, for current college baseball rankings:


Van Horn won’t be at the luncheon because the team won’t be flying to Houston until the afternoon. Arkansas has the late practice Thursday night at Minute Maid Park.

Which day this week will DVH have is press conference? Thx.

Van Horn talks to us tomorrow morning.

Better one. Comes up with D1 Baseball but you can do the dropdown to the others, including RPI

NCAA isn’t updating official RPI yet, which makes sense because it’s not very useful before April 1 anyway.

I knew there would be a good explanation.

That is a good one, but I like better having several together to compare on the wiki site.

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