Went to the SEC tourney yesterday

Other than losing, it was a good time. My nephew made the Nashville Newspaper and got his picture taken with a Hog Cheerleader. Before the game my only hope was we would lockdown KA.

Boards killed us. Refs sucked in the second half but not the reason we lost.

I felt kind of blah on the trip back to Louisville. I’m so sick of the negativity.

Whatever happens, i’ll support the decision of the decision makers but Mike deserved better from the Fanbase. So did this years team. Gafford was totally on point yesterday in his interview after the game. There’s no doubt that a lot of keyboard warriors affected this young team this year. They read it and they feel it.

Hog Basketball is my favorite sport and it’s gonna suck if this ends badly because it will ruin something that i once cherished.

Well said

good post

Message boards are an afterthought in the world of social media. The pounding that the players are concerned about comes from Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit and Instagram. That’s where young people spend their time online (according to my daughters). People on message boards are mostly old fogies like me.

Don’t doubt that at all but you can bank on it that the folks posting on message boards probably have multiple twitter accounts. But i get your point.

I don’t follow players on Twitter for the most part, and not at all on IG or Reddit or Snap, but I suspect what they’re getting there is just about what we’re seeing here, only without mods to clean it up.