Went to the game on Friday...just my thoughts

  1. I was looking forward to watching Barford. Was hoping to see him slash and get fouled or get easy buckets. I was pretty disappointed in what I saw. He seemed to be very tentative and didn’t want to mix it up much. I noticed CMA getting on to him when he would come out but nothing seemed to change. Hopefully he was just had first game jitters.

  2. Cook looked to be scared to death at times. He’s taller than I thought he would be but just didn’t seem ready to play.

  3. Macon or “LiL Daryl” as we used to call him, is the real deal. He’s not afraid to pull it or drive to the basket. He had no problem getting on to his teammates when needed. There is just something about kids that play for Coach Flanigan, they compete very hard.

  4. Dusty seems like he has something to prove. He was getting in the lane and finishing. You could hear the opposing coaching staff screaming “shooter shooter” and he would drive right past them. I love watching him play.

  5. Moses is same ole Moses but a little more polished. Still wish he would rebound better but he does take a lot of chances at blocking shots which gets him out of position at times.

  6. Trey Thompson could be a difference maker is he wasn’t so unselfish. I think its just his nature and that is hard to change. He will be a solid back up to Moses.

  7. Dustin Thomas looks the part and to me plays the part. This kid has a nice face up game and a very nice post game. I was really impressed with him.

  8. If you judged both on one game then I would say Beard would be taking Barford’s spot. He looked like the old Anton and was hitting his jumper. He had some silly fouls but he was being aggressive. If I was Barford I would be worried or I would be stepping it up.

Not sure how good we will be but I think there will be some ups and downs. If the refs call all season like they did Friday night then we will be in trouble. If I could change one thing it would be switching every screen. It just drives me crazy and we just don’t do it very well. I lied…I would change one other thing - going 2-3 zone on every out of bounds play…drives me nuts.

Guess it is funny how views can differ. I really like Barford. Not worried about him at all. Was at the game as well. I think he will be more aggressive on offense. I like his size on defense and his ability to rebound. I think he’ll be fine.