Went to the game last night

A few observations:

  1. We were on our way to a really big lead before a drop or two and inaccurate passing let Kentucky get in a position to let their star player out-athlete us. He was very impressive all night as a runner, and got more so as our defense got a little tired.
  2. Kentucky fans were pretty tame for an SEC crowd, I had an amusing group sitting near me that bitched continually and profanely about play calling the whole night and not snapping the ball fast enough. Post-game walking back to the car the UK fans were a very subdued bunch. We were treated very well by everybody we came in contact with. The stadium is kind of blah.
  3. Once we get past Bama, I would like to see Jefferson start at QB. Starkel drives me nuts with the inaccuracy, and Hicks knows what to do but seems to play just well enough to get us beat. The QB runs are there to be had, Kentucky was crashing on Boyd/Whaley every play when Starkel was in there, but he never kept the ball.
  4. The worst fault with the defensive scheme I thought was in trying too hard to sack the QB on passing plays. A guy like that you need to keep in the pocket and make him throw, and our DL did not do that at critical times.
  5. The big freshman NT Miller is coming along on run defense, made a couple of nice plays in short yardage situations.
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It has been clear to me all season that they don’t want Starkel or Hicks running the ball. And opposing defenses know it.