Went to Tex-WV game today

I’m in Austin this weekend for some meetings. A couple of us decided spur of the moment to go to the Whorn-Mountaineer game. My first time to see their stadium. It was a beautiful day with maybe 2500-3000 people there. We bought GA tickets & sat right behind home plate about 15 rows up.

The stadium is okay, but I think Baum is nicer. The stands behind home plate down to the 1st & 3rd bases are much higher than Baum, but there are no seats in the outfield.

The best part of the experience was watching UT lose. They trailed most of the game, but took the lead late. WV scored two in T9 to take a one run lead. UT got a runner to third with 1 out, but couldn’t get him in. Ending up losing 9-8. I kept quiet, but smiled going out. (And I know that a Tex win would have probably been slightly. Better for us, but I just can’t pull for Tex)

Surprised at the lack of a crowd in Austin on a nice day. And I kinda feel the same way you do, never too upset on a day UT loses.

You will no doubt be disappointed to learn that the Fallopians are in last place in the Little Dozen Minus Three.

I just noticed this yesterday, does Iowa State not play baseball?

Nope. Power 5 schools that don’t have baseball include Wisconsin, Iowa State and Colorado. Colorado dropped it in 1980 (DVH’s Nebraska powerhouse was built on recruiting the Denver area), Wisconsin dropped it in 1991, and ISU dropped it in 2001. Cal-Berkeley dropped it briefly (we got a kid who transferred out at the time), then brought it back when private funds were raised to support the program. Oregon also dropped it then brought it back after Molester State started winning big.

It is always nice when Texas gets beat! They gave that game away!

Left out one more Power 5 school without baseball: Syracuse, which dropped the sport in 1972. Interestingly, LeMoyne, which is also located in Syracuse, still has baseball; we played them in the 2004 Fayetteville Regional, although they dropped down to D-II in 2012.