Went to see Little Rock Christian play last night

Corliss is an assistant coach on the team and they are playing in a tournament here in Hot Springs. I told Corliss I would make sure to be there last night.

Shawn Andrews son is the real deal. I’m pretty sure he’s a 9th grader. I would say he’s about 6’4 or so and built like a rock. Has a very good feel for the game, nice jump shot, nice handles and can jump out of the gym. Shawn was sitting to the right of me but I didn’t know it was him until I asked Corliss after the game. He’s slimmed down quiet a bit. No telling how good his son will be by the time he’s a senior.

Landren Blocker is very good also. I would say he’s about 6’6 or so and has a very nice game. LRC has some very small guards but Landren plays the point quiet often. I think in college he would play the 2 or 3. I’m surprised he didn’t end up at a prep school like his brother. He can do everything Andrews can do he’s just a little bit bigger right now.

I’m going back tonight to watch them play Conway at 8:30. Corliss says Conway is pretty good so I hope to see a good game.


Does LRC play Parkview, Jeff?

They play Conway tonight not sure if they play them during the year.

Looks like they play Parkview Jan. 31.

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