Went snow tubing in NC today

And I was wearing a Razorback ski cap my girlfriend got me for Christmas. On the conveyor belt on the tubing hill, the attendant said “Razorbacks? Do they still play football?” I said “Hell yes, we just kicked Penn State’s a$$ in the bowl.” He said “I’m an Ohio State fan so I’m glad you kicked their a$$ in the bowl.” I said something about the Tattoo Bowl at that point but don’t remember what. That kid probably isn’t old enough to remember the Tattoo Bowl.


Well, first of all you need to watch what you say to hostile fans from other schools, but hopefully you will have no aftereffects from the encounter after a few days for the concussion to heal. Possibly then you will be able to remember what you said that this guy with no sense of humor obviously took offense to, but sometimes such things in these situations are lost forever. :rofl: :rofl:

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He didn’t take offense and I gave him grief about being a Suckeyes fan a few minutes later. It was all in good fun.

This attendant was operating the ski lift?

Not really. He was telling people how and when to step off the conveyor belt. Which I knew anyway. It was like the moving sidewalk at the airport. Only going uphill about 250 yards.

Sounds like a proper job for someone with an OSU degree.


I have no idea why a Razorback would be skiing or snowboarding in the mountains of North Carolina. I thought since Pittman came we were no longer going downhill :smile:.

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