Went by LR Christian to see Walker White

Sounds like he might visit the Hogs on Saturday.


Do you think he’s a legitimate SEC prospect, Richard? Not sure you can or will answer this because it may not be a fair question out in the open, but I keep seeing people who question that. (I’ve never seen him play and have no opinion.)

I’m getting a vibe that losing Briles helped our chances of signing Walker.

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And greatly lessens it on Hawkins.


Ricepig, how do you feel about Enos as Brile’s replacement? What are your thoughts about his recruiting ability?

Figured that was the case.

Gotta see….he looks like he is as strong as a bull!!! That is a stout 6’4 215!!!

Yes he is an sec prospect. I might argue he could become a great NFL tight end. Strong arm with touch when needed. Can run and is mobile enough.

Not as agile as Hawkins but few are. He compares to Brandon Allen but way bigger in my opinion and BA is still in the league.

I was one of those who liked Briles, outside of a few calls a game. I think Enos has incorporated the RPO system into his offensive scheme, so I don’t think there will a huge change in our offense. As to recruiting, I don’t see a huge difference, outside of Briles having a lot more connections in Texass. Briles didn’t sign KJ, and may not have had a huge factor in Franks coming here, his other QB choices haven’t proven anything yet. As to Enos, it’s not much different, or better, I guessing I’m saying he’ll have to show me on his QB recruiting.

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That’s going to be THE question with Enos. Briles was in position to land a 4 star QB. Dan is a solid coach. But, average 3 star QB’s won’t get it done in the SEC, and to my knowledge he doesn’t have a track record of being able to attract high level athletic QB’s.

Walker ran a 4.55 last summer at Ole Miss. He also recorded a 35.4-inch vertical jump and a broad jump of 10 feet, 4 inches. Not many QBs in the nation can say they recorded those type of numbers.


I’ve watched him a couple times.

He’s a lot like KJ. Big, strong and fast with a very strong arm. His accuracy needs to improve, but like KJ, it will.

I’m glad the interest between UA and White seems to have rekindled.

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I didn’t realize Walker was a legacy.
I will gladly accept that I don’t know much about football, but how does Walker compare to Hawkins, RD?

Who do you think would be the better Hog QB under Enos?

Not rd but going off past history I would think enos more comfortable with the walker white style qb.

Hawkins is gone unless he just fell in love with the school, not coach and I highly doubt that occurred.

Again, I’m a hoops guy, but who do YOU think would be the best QB to target?
You seem to know your stuff.

I’ll answer that, it’s late in the process for 2024 QB’s, you usually develop these contacts when they are freshmen/sophomore’s. I realize they want be on campus for a year, but they want to know the OC and system he runs, so by switching OC’s, we’ve probably narrowed our choices as the previous QB’s were interested in Briles’ system. In my opinion, he’s very athletic, but needs a lot of work on his accuracy, a 53% completion rate and 15 int’s last season don’t scream an immediate playing QB, not that he would be expected, or anyone we recruit as a QB.


Walker has always tested well and I gather is coached well. Walker has competed consistently against older recruits in Elite 11 process. Did really well and made a great impression at Nashville last summer.


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He has worked with Tua for a year and his younger brother for 2 years. Not sure if they are more the Hawkins style or not. Then you take the Allens and their style which to me is a lot like Walkers.