Welp, I hate to waste a good vacation but

there have been no commits since Duds left. )>:

I think Dud may go commitless.

Dudley is on the beach with a great commit now. He’s quite the salesman.

He will probably want to go somewhere in late January so he can start a new streak but I’m gonna say no.

And who uses “welp” these days?

Things could always change.

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my gut values were formed tween 10-12 when I lived on 13th street in Little Rock, which would be prior to 1960. (Moved to Cloverdale about 1960)

Don’t be so sure. When does he get back?

Will be back Friday.

Clay, give him a couple more days…

I hear we may receive a basketball commit tomorrow. Does that count?

Counts double for me, since we only get 3-6 a year.

We will credit Dudley for that commitment. His vacation lasts through the weekend, but he may return from Florida in the next 48 hours.

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