Welp. Grand slam might tell the tale today

Trailing 0-4 with 1 out in the first isn’t a good sign.

You just can’t keep walking guys and expect good things to happen! Campbell really struggling right now.
Come on hogs! It’s still early!

Still have a ways to go. Hogs just need to be patient.

1 good game, then a not so good game for Campbell. Pitched great against Kentucky. Had fire in his eyes. Today he looks disinterested almost

Looks like we are back to throwing the ball around like the Charlotte game. Hope Murphy can throw strikes tomorrow.

A loss today is hardly devastating, but I’d hate to use up pitchers while allowing theirs bullpen to rest as a couple of them skate with a big lead.

home plate umpire sucks!!! has to almost perfect!! these guys aren’t getting paid!!

Wes Johnson lit him up on that mound visit in the first. He was hot about something Campbell was - or wasn’t - doing.

Campbell looked uncomfortable from the start. Couldn’t locate much and got squeezed when he did. Made a great pitch to the cleanup hitter and got hurt by blooper.

My guess is Wes lit him up for not being aggressive and going after hitters and getting into deep counts. It worked on the 3-hole guy and the cleanup guy and then he was punished on a “get ahead” fastball.

It was just not our day. The good news is we are 4-1 and have a chance to open SEC 5-1 despite facing arguably our 2 biggest challengers in the SEC.

I doubt any other team had to face top 5 opponents back to back like the Hogs. Focus and win tomorrow.

I didn’t see it. But agree completely.

I didn’t see the game either, went on a long bike ride instead. I just had a feeling there was some payback coming for the 16-0 thrashing we put on the gators last spring. I’ll be watching tomorrow.