Welp, Dudley

Dak is done for the year. Season just went from bad to worse.

Wonder if they’ll end up with the #1 pick. If they do, I can see them trading it (probably be Trevor Lawerence) for a lot of picks.

Exactly my thoughts, Jerry just got out of paying Dak

The NFC Least is so bad, the team that wins it might be 6-10. Which could be Dallas.

Dak was offered huge money for an extension. He didn’t take it, probably on his agent’s advice. It is easy for an agent to tell a player to hold out. It is a big gamble for a player not to take a reasonable offer which probably was made to Dak. I would bet the Cowboys still sign Dak in the offseason to an offer similar to what he turned down. Holding out in the NFL is a bigger gamble than the MLB, as we know.

Dak will still probably be tagged next off-season for $37 million, which is a whole bunch of money in a year when the salary cap will be reduced. Then Jerry has to decide whether to pay him or move on; to tag him in 2022 would be $54 million. That decision is probably going to hinge on his recovery from yesterday. But Dak will make a boatload of money regardless.

Yeah, as a Cowboys fan, I want to see the Cowboys win, but I think beating NY yesterday after the injury was the worst thing, from a team standpoint, that could have happened.

Losing out (starting yesterday) and getting a top pick (or the top pick), would have done a few things. One, Tank for Trevor would have given Jerry some negotiation power with Dak, and may have allowed him to get away with low balling him. Two, if he would have resigned Dak next offseason, and had the #1 pick in the draft, he could have made some trades on draft day to improve that thing he’s putting on the field and calling a defense.

But, Tony Dungy said something last night that I agree with. Dak’s backup is a veteran (Andy Dalton), he’s a better than average QB that knows how to untilize good WR’s. But he’s not a guy you’re gonna lean on, so they (DAL) will have to get back to their team identity: Feeding Zeke. As unfortunate as Dak’s injury was, it may actually benefit the team more by feeding Zeke.

The Dallas defense is so bad, it probably won’t matter who the quarterback is. They will get into the playoffs because they are in the worst division in the NFL, but I don’t expect much after the playoffs begin.

That’s for sure

Cowboys are in good shape for QB. The problem is the offensive line is in shambles. 3 starters out for the year. Dalton can’t move very well, will this line be able to give him time to throw?

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