It was nice being in the teens while it lasted.

#20 now

But so much nicer being 20 than 45 isn’t it?

Well that was a transition year under 20 players, with the new early signing period. Not exactly comparable.

Just shows that even in a historic recruiting year which I was super excited about, we still end up about in the range as always, 20-30.

yeah and will be back in if we get brooks and Catalon…we start winning and we get higher rankings on recruits and class…getting no respect right now and up to us to do something about it.

Brooks won’t bump us.

Others will likely jump us before the day is over.

I imagine we stay right at 20-23.

What’s our highest ranked class coming off a 0 win season?

What’s our highest ranked class coming off a losing season?

There’s a lot to be excited about if that’s what you want to be.

i said brooks and Catalon both 4* would have to help and like I said we get no repsect on some these guys…Jackson for instance if he signed with Bama or Ga would be 4* etc…we are 19 on espn and 13 on rivals so your picking the worst one …

He is looking at either 247 or ESPN, Rivals has us at 13 and Brooks and Catalon will raise us on there, but not on the other two. ESPN has us with 24 commits, hence my post on the board about did we have a decommittment

We won two games, not 0.

Bret pulled a 22 rank class class after a losing season.

I’m excited about a lot of this class. The WRs, QB, DL, TE are all really good.
I think outside of the Juco OL, the OL recruits are not good, and not going to help us get to the next level.
I’m worried about the DBs. I personally think we lose Bush, our best DB recruit. Which sucks, but that’s life. I hope we really do get Catalon, that would be nice, and Brooks.

Overall, I just think we all got too attached to the idea that we were about to sign a top 20 class, and in reality, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

Granted, this is off of a 2 win season. But if they don’t make some serious improvements this coming season on the field, we will see some serious fall off in recruiting. The dream is a limited time sale. Better improve on it, to improve the dream, pitch.

I’d say when evaluating the class as a whole, picking the one that does a cumulative effort or the consensus ranking, is 10/10 the best one

If not, you’ll always go with the higher rated one because it makes us as a fan feel better.

So what matters to you, the player or the stars. Sounds like you’re happy with Jackson, who cares if TV or media got it wrong? Sounds like Jackson isn’t getting the respect, not you.

247 composite, the one that gives you the most wholistic view of your class.

I don’t pick the one that makes me feel the best.

wth are you talking about! I said we get low balled on some of these recruits by where we are as a program,got nothing to do with me getting respect.

247 gives the best view in your opinion.you picked the one that makes us look the worst.SECN just gave us major props said they coudn’t remember a class in the top 20 coming off 2 wins.

You realize 247 changes theirs about a week after signing day in February and conforms more with the other services. They do it every year. I, like you, used to go off that one, but they’ll change their rankings in Feb to be closer to ESPN. I’d ignore them until then.

So you don’t think a cumulative of views is better than a single view?

That…is not the most educated way to go about anything. In my personal opinion.

Just like it’s your opinion that we got low balled on some recruits. OR, is it that these recruiting services, who have their guys who cover all of these different schools and areas know that some of our guys didn’t have actual commitable offers to some schools. That’s what I get out of it. Why? Because if Alabama really, really wanted some of these guys… they would get them. We aren’t to that level where we can consistently beat Alabama for 4-6 guys. Not going to happen… yet.

I doubt 247 is worried about ESPNs rankings, theirs change a lot because since it is a cumulative ranking the other sites change theirs, 247 then have to change theirs also.

247 rating seems to indicate that they actually bumped us up from 21 to 20.

247 site also allows you to calculate what adding or dropping certain recruits would do. Catalon and Brooks would bump our score high enough to pass Moo U for 18th, assuming no one else improved their score.

Still 13 at Rivals.

ESPN has us 19th and OM 20th. Meaning all seven SEC West schools are in the top 20. Talk about slit your throat and drink your blood…

We have that discussion on here and the old Scout board before. Trust me, 247 throws out numbers and rankings until ESPN gives their final ESPN 300 and rankings, and then they conform. It happens every year. Watch come NSD and about a week later look again.

Yep, 247 has Brooks as a 3* as well, he’s ranked different on the other services. Also, ESPN says we only have 24 commits