Well, Yurachek is about to

make his first major move as A.D. I’ve stated many times that I’m a fan CMA, but realistically he just wasn’t getting it done. We should without a shout of doubt be a top 25 program every year and every now and then making a run at a NC. I honestly believed when LR basketball took flight over the last few years we would benefit from it. That just hasn’t happened due to the inability to get our best recruits consistently. Overall, CMA was solid, but underachieved. I believe we all expected more due to what he did at his previous two coaching stops, but it didn’t happen. The name of the game is recruiting and they underachieved at that and seemed like there just wasn’t enough growth year to year with players that were on the team. At some point you have to be willing to shake things up to get a different result and that also wasn’t done. So all of these undone things eventually caught up with him. I wish CMA well in whatever he does. Yuracheck you’re on the clock and you better get it right or your name will be on the message boards in a few years.

If Kelvin Sampson is indeed a legitimate candidate for the open position… I just hope Yurachek takes a long, hard look at his NCAA compliance record… before he pulls the trigger on that guy.

That’s all I have to say about this coaching search for now.

Well, since Yurachek hired him at Houston, it would seem that he has already had a good look at his record.

That’s what I thought…but what little I can find shows Sampson was before Yurachek.

Don’t think that to be the case

Correct, Mack Rhoades hired Sampson at UH.

Yuracheck has got to get this hire right.

OK, I got that wrong, but Yurachek has to know all about KS after being the AD at Houston.

Yurachek was the No. 2 AD at Houston when Sampson was hired. He had just been hired as Mack Rhodes’ right-hand man less than two months earlier. When Rhodes was hired away by Baylor, Yurachek was promoted at Houston.

The main hire Yurachek made at Houston was Major Applewhite as football coach, and there are some reports that he wanted someone different, but influential boosters wanted a coach that wasn’t going to be hired away after every great season.

So Only 1/2 wrong :sunglasses: