Well, whadya know. A GS for UALR

And now we’re down 7-6. Uh, guys, we could lose this game.

yeah can’t say I didn’t warn everybody…our confidence is down after the weekend…2 of our better pitchers look anywhere near ready to get somebody from Auburn out…smh!

Our pitching and clutch hitting ain’t up to snuff right now.

Neither is our fielding. Two DP balls & and we muff them both. Now down 2, nobody out & runners on 1&2. Oops, bases loaded & no outs. We’re not going to lose, we’re going to get embarrassed.

This looks like a Little League fielding performance. Pitching is bad, fielding is worse.

Yes after watching this fiasco our fielding is sub par also. This team just appears they are going through the motions. And third game in a row they are stinking it up. Frank has already turned over in his grave. Right now getting out butts kicked in all areas. They keep playing like this they deserve to lose. Getting routed. Embarrassed. Pathetic

This is why we shouldn’t play in-state competition. I know this could happen against Grambling, but after tonight, UALR is the state champion. At least in baseball one game isn’t what it’d be in basketball or football. Still, UALR has bragging rights for baseball in the state.

I totally get how frustrating tonight is. And I get that they have bragging rights. But cmon.

No one in their right mind thinks they’re a better program.

It’s one REALLY bad night out of 60. And it’s going to have zero impact on us moving forward.

Disgusting? Ya. Embarrassing? Sure.

But it isn’t a blip on the radar even in the short term. It’s baseball. Sometimes bad teams drill better teams.

You are usually one of the calmest posters on the board. I’m surprised this is affecting you this much.

OM lost tonight at home 10-6 to 6-21 North Alabama of the ASUN conference.

Oh, I know everything you said is right, but I’m just venting right now. I think I might be a little less so had we not done the same thing Sunday. Regardless, the embarrament is huge. Will it really matter this time next month? Probably not, although the hit to the RPI might be significant.

No. I don’t for one second believe anyone thinks UALR has a better program than we do, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m totally disgusted right now.

I think DVH needs to sit some players for a game or 2. Swinging at pitches completely out of strike zone. It is one thing to get fooled by a pitcher it’s another to swing at ridiculous pitches and we have done that the last 3 games!

Really the most distressing thing for me tonight was that it was Ramage in the game when the wheels fell off.

Not some young freshman you only see in midweek, but one of our mainline pitchers.
And it has been a trend for him lately.