Well, Well, Well ...

… what an interesting tale coming out of Vandy’s football program.

Not good when it comes to parents, especially mom.

Assuming you’re not talking about Target shooting?

Are you referring to this (link)?

As Vandy recruits better athletes, they have experienced more problems like the gang rape of the unconscious coed. The above incident was not criminal, just stupidity. For those who say that they recruit smarter kids since they’re a great academic school–Hogwash! I have had 2 nieces graduate from Vandy & the athletes lower admission standards and are in a totally different curricula in whichmost never see the classes that regular students take.

I’m trying to understand why the players are getting such a bad rap over this. Probably not the best way to handle the situation, but all they were doing was trying to recover one of the player’s stolen phone. They also brought a pellet gun to what turned out to be a real gun fight.

Yes, though the AP story had more details.

If only Vandy would have adopted Longhorn core values earlier…