Well, well. . .Emmert wants an 8 team playoff

Question is will he get it.

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Of course he will. Money talks.

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No matter how many teams you make it, someone will always feel left out, and mad. No way to please them all. I know college doesn’t want to be like the pros, but I would like to see a 6 team playoff. #1-2 seeds get a bye, so that way the regular season is still important and the best are rewarded for it. And then like a wildcard game with 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. That, in my opinion, will get the best teams in and a team like Penn State would have made it in. Think it would be nice and generate more revenue. I’m fine with the 4 team playoff as it is but I just think 8 is to much and will start taking away from the regular season. And I think 8 game playoff is just to many games for some players, especially conference champions. If that’s the case, they would probably reduce the regular season by 1 game. I didn’t read the article but just my 2 cents on the playoff situation.

I think they had a company offer $1 Billion per year to do an 8 team play-off several years ago and they turned it down. Five Power 5 conference champions and three at large. I am all for it.

We should have had an 8 team playoff to start with and to eliminate all these crappy bowl games. Teams play 12 games during the season. That is plenty. This is not the NFL…is it?

Remember when the Rose, Cotton, Orange and Sugar bowls were a big deal? Going to play in a department store bowl is just not that big of a deal. We play bigger games than this almost every week in the SEC.

I was slow to the party thinking there were too many bowls. I was wrong. When 5-7 teams are getting invited year after year, too many bowls.

I agree that we need a 8 team play off, 5 champs even if in a given year a champ is subpar, and the next best 3. Do that and cut several bowls.

The extra money from the playoffs doesn’t just have to go to the eight invited. It could be spread around. Years and years ago, the only way you made money from the NCAA basketball tourney was to get invited. Now, a part of the HUGE TV contract goes to all NCAA teams, or at least that is what I think is the case!

Actually, I don’t have a preference for a number. It could go back to the BCS two or they could expand to eight and it wouldn’t matter to me. Because schools with mid-major reputations, will never get an invite. And that’s the niche Arkansas is in, like it or not. Never quite be on the same level as the Bama, TOSU, ND, USC, Clemson, Fla St, Fla, etc., etc.

Arkansas could lose an early non conference game to a highly rated USC, upset Bama, and win out right through the SECCG and likely not get into the playoff as it now stands. Both end up with one loss, and because of the Bama brand name I believe the polls and the CFB Committee would jigger the data in whatever manner that would get Bama in and relegate Arkansas to the Sugar Bowl.

You have to remember one thing. The CFP, and the BCS before it, are not NCAA championships. Therefore, Emmert has no more say in this matter than you, or me, or Clay. He’s just a fan watching this too. And a lot of fans want 8 teams, or 16, or 32. You’re right that money talks, and right now the money that is talking is from the bowls that would be completely marginalized if the playoffs expand, and particularly if they went to campus sites.

This year proved this particular line of conspiracy-based whining wrong. Washington’s record last year was worse than ours. They went 7-6. They haven’t had a 10-win season since 2000, and have been taking regular poundings from Oregon and Stanford in the conference. If we’re mid-tier, they were even lower. At least over the years we’ve been able to hold our own with “Stanford”, meaning LSU, or Auburn. But everything came together, they went 12-1, won their conference and they’re in – even with the all-time creampuff NC schedule. Yes, everything would have to come together and we’d have to win the SEC, but a 12-1 SEC champ will get in no matter what.

By the way, you notice anything about the teams whining that they should be in? They all have two losses. Penn State, Michigan, OU. All two losses. Notice anything about the teams that are in. One loss, or none. If Penn State were 12-1, they’d probably be in and Washington would be out.

This is overlooked so many times. The NCAA has no control over the FBS postseason - playoff, bowls, etc. - outside of levying postseason bans.

I’d prefer to go back to the old system. I’m mean the really old system where there were maybe 10-15 bowls of about 3 tiers and the “national champion” was voted into the slot after the bowls by whatever organizations wanted to award them.

I know that’s not happening, so there’s no real need to debate whether it’s even a good idea. However, I hope we don’t go to an 8 team playoff–which will just lead to cries for a 12 or 16 team playoff. At that point we might as well declare the NCAA as NFL-college division and be done with it. Traditions won’t matter. Everything will be geared toward the tournament. Pretty much like it is now for basketball. Everyone loves the NCAA basketball tournament, but not many people are even paying attention to college basketball right now. It’s pre-season to the preseason (i.e. non-conf to conf) and then to the real season: March Madness. I’d hate for college football to become like that.

In 1970 there were 11 bowl games. Total. And that includes that epic Tangerine Bowl tilt between Toledo and William and Mary. (Tangerine went on to become Citrus, so it’s a considerably bigger deal now.) And we passed on a bowl bid, a good one, because we were disappointed with a 9-2 season after Texass stomped a mudhole in us in Big Shootout II.