Well...we play KY Saturday

There is that. This is the getting over the hump game. Win this one and we get a number before our name. We are somebody if we win game.
The break through game. We are right on the edge of something special game. Big game for the program.

This is it. Season game changer. The game fans have been waiting for, the big win that vaults us into the conversation of respect. We become a part of the conversation.
We are somebody now game.

It’s the billionaire walk game. Arm swinging strut win.
I can’t wait.

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It may be a big game but it won’t decide if the season is a success! How our hogs play and compete is what matters to me! It would be nice to beat Kentucky but it’s also nice to beat Auburn and LSU.
In my opinion the hogs should have already been ranked and had a number by their name. Last week the hogs were the 3rd team in getting votes and on Monday 3 teams dropped out of the top 25 and 3 new arrivals to the rankings and we were once again the 3rd teams in getting votes and left out!
Just win and keep playing games.
RPI has our hogs 9 and Net ratings has us 24. Get some Q-1 wins and let see where we end up!

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I’m with you, Gas. I haven’t been this jacked up about a hog basketball game in a while. Since Bobby P and Qualls left?

i’m having friends over for the game tomorrow. we haven’t done that in YEARS. we used to gather for a Jackson State game on Tuesday night, but that was when Hawgball was Must See TV.

Maybe we are getting there again?


I think we’ve been part of a conversation, one that says, “the Hogs haven’t beat anyone”. But, I agree, beat Kentucky and then we’ll be part of the conversation.

That said, I find it interesting that Kentucky lost to USC-e, while besting three better SEC teams in Missouri, Georgia and Alabama. Further interesting to me is that among those 4 SEC opponents, USC-e plays more like us than the others. That is, statistically USE-e looks more like us than the others - maybe all others in the SEC.

USE-e is well coached. They take care of the ball. They play tough defense. Of course they played UK in South Carolina…but, I think the Hogs are better than USC-e.


The Gamecocks are very athletic and play physical. Their basketball skills looked pretty weak on Saturday when they played Tennessee, but a lot better in the second half against Kentucky. They can be a tough out when they are clicking.

One of biggest games to be played at Walton Arena in decades. Yes, KY is not so “big time” this season as in the past when they were always in the top 3 in each week’s poll, but they are in the top 10 and we at AR are trying to just get out of “others listed” category and into the top 25…

I said crowd last week was about 19,500 and it was 19, 375, so this will be in excess of that and will top 20,000 if some standing room only crowds are let it…LOL. People will arrive early for sure and take in the ‘environment’ of the old days. Concession stands will have 20% more food than last week against Vandy.

If our top two guys are not playing up to par, then we are in trouble because KY will not get far behind, if at all, and then if they do get the lead by 6-7 points, we could be in big trouble. I feel the first 5 minutes will tell us if we are ready for a KY team. A win will vault us into the top 25 for sure and will seal a good SEC tournament position and almost guarantee a good NCAA tournament spot. Fingers crossed that all AR players are at their top performance level Saturday. I get nervous just typing this comment and thinking of the biggest game of the year thus far. GO HOGS.

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It’s a very big game. A win will not only be a win against KY—a big deal even when they’re not vintage KY—it will make us 4-1 in the SEC. It might take a 10-8 to get us into the NCAAT. Win this one against one of the best SEC teams & we’re a long way toward that or better. It’s also important we win all our home games.

SEC might not get but 4 teams into the tourney this year. I’d like to finish in the top 3.

The single most important thing for this team in all remaining games is going uninjured. I would rather lose to KY and come through with no injuries to our top 7, than beat them and lose one of our top 7 for the season.

I definitely now believe we are a top 3 or 4 team in the SEC if we can remain healthy.

I don’t think we are a nobody if we lose. Long season ahead. But certainly would vault us in the eyes of media etc.

Muss said this morning on the radio that he cannot remember the last time they went live in practice primarily because they cannot afford injuries, but also because of wear and fatigue. Mostly drills and game prep.

Every time I hear him speak I get more and more excited about our future. I gotta give HY props, he got the right guy.


avoiding any injuries is the key to this season for sure. There’s no back up waiting to come in.

And it is hard to avoid injuries when only 7 main players. Fatigue, especially if down late in the game, can set in and THEN injuries more likely with muscle strain to the quads and shoulder ab and adductors. We must avoid early senseless fouls too. To yank one of our top 3 guys with 2 fouls in the first 10 minutes can be deadly. The players MUST be aggressive but not too lax on how they accomplish what they want to do. Gud luck Razorbacks! Can’t wait til 3PM tomorrow!!

harleyhawgidson and neastarkie: good comments and agree 100%. Thanks for comments.

Just play our game. Hard nose defense. No injuries. Win or lose the rest of the season can / will still be a success.
Getting chill bumps thinking about this one though.

Chill bumps also, but I also believe we are entering a era where we will always be competitive and will win our share under CEM. WPS

Outrebounded 27-10 and 9-1 on offensive rebounds. BAD
Missing free throws. Especially Bailey… BAD
Too many unnecessary fouls for us . BAD
Bad shooting % from out top 2 guys. BAD
Just not thinking like a good team. BAD
Last 2 minutes of half, no scoring by us. BAD
Way too many things going wrong.
Thought we might lose by 6 as stated earlier but now could be worse for us. Just letting KY getting too many easy shots under basket and their FT are keeping them way ahead of us. Had a chance to get to within 2 but Baily missed FT, etc…
I have bad feelings at half-time… Sorry to admit it. But, too many bad statistics in several categories.

Agreed. If we don’t cut the lead down in the first 4 minutes of the second half, it might be an ugly afternoon

Cut dumb stuff( hopefully this gets cleaned up at some point) and make FT’s and we are right there or leading.

Don’t score can’t win.

KY hits big time critical shot’s. We didn’t. Should have won this one. It was gift wrapped.

Played very hard though.