Well we got our hands full now

La tech goes up there hit the ball you got to give them credit… we better hope our bats wake up or we could be in trouble.

Had a great chance to break the game open there and let it slide away from us.

Martin is struggling at the plate. That 1 out pop up on the infield and an 0-7 in his last PA’s show he is just off a little. He needs to go to right field. Heston wasn’t much better. Tough to leave the. Ashes loaded and not score!

Yeah Martin don’t have a clue right now he’s not seeing the ball well at all… they’ve tried to give us this game all we do is get a hit or two hope it don’t come back to haunt us. Louisiana tech can hit the baseball if I can hit Campbell the way hes throwing, Nolan and scroggins better have some really good stuff or we’re going to be in trouble