Well we finally gave up 50 in a game

And Joe has 33 himself. If he’d had a good first half he might have outscored TSU by himself.

So did Virginia, last I looked Vermont had 53, they ended up with 55. Wonder if AR will troll them and say we haven’t gave up 52 yet

Probably time to start guessing the Muss Bus.

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Joe sure got hot in the second half!
We will learn a lot about our defense when we go to GA Tech.
There were a few open shots allowed by the D late that got Tex So over the 45 point mark. It’s no big deal.

I wonder if Virginia starts a team that averages 6’4?
Loved MA, but love the new system as well!!

JK of course.

How good might this team be if Sills, Joe, and Jones all click from 3. Speaking of Jones… Did he even play 2nd half??

His 4th turnover pretty much finished his night! He didn’t take a lot of shots!
When he back up and stepped on the line to get called for backcourt that wasn’t a good sign sir how his night was going to end! Maybe he just needed a break.

Our football team will likely give up 50 in the first half vs LSU.