Well, we don't have to worry about Ole Miss

if we, indeed, ever did. They are burnt toast. The NCAA’s amended NOA and Ole Miss’es response was finally revealed. You can go to CBS and read Dennis Dodd’s article about the case. I can’t link it. The NCAA said that in Ole Miss’es 21 Level 1 violations(Level One is the most serious) the school had seriously undermined the NCAA Collegiate Model. I think that means that they are gonna get their butts handed to them when the penalties are handed down.

Academic fraud, paying players, playing ineligible players and having a bag man are some of the allegations. Dodd says Freeze will likely be suspended or given a show cause( meaning he can’t coach for a period of time). The bottom line is Ole Miss went all in to win an SEC Championship and Hunter Henry spoiled it all.

That play was bigger than any of us even realized at the time and I think everyone knew it was big. Things have never been the same at Ole Miss since that play. Boom, it was over in a heartbeat.

The truth hurts: Ole Miss is in trouble…

http://www.cbssports.com/college-footba … he-rebels/

I do believe that is the same link that I provided. :sunglasses:

Sorry about that Marty, you made yours fancy and I didn’t catch the fact that there was a Hyperlink behind the text when I scrolled past it!

I smile every time I think about that play, both for what it meant then and what it meant in the long run for Ole Miss.

How sweet it is! I’m one of those ol’ silver back hawgs that still loves to beat Ole Miss more than anyone on the schedule. It goes way back…

Aunt Shorty is very pleased indeed, Marty.

Amen to that!!

I want the Aggie to get the death-nail more than any other school in the SEC.

On a national scale it’s Ohio State.

All in without the coveted SEC Championship. Thank You Hunter, Alex, Brandon, & Team.
Now just makes me respect that much more how we do things here.

When a fan base spend $400 million in Oil money they have a tendency to get desperate and do stupid things. My contacts in Houston say that the Alumni and Boosters are pissed that they have spent so much money on the new stadium and facilities with nothing to show for it. They paid big money for Sumlin and have nothing to show for it. They expect to get back to 2012 when Manziel beat Bama at Bama. They are also scared that UT may get their act together under Herman.

The Aggies may start to cheat more to get where they think they deserve to be after spending so much Oil money and to combat UT.