Well today was a good day

I believe this performance has insured and ushered in another new era of Razorback football. Coach Morris has forced Hunter Yurachek’s hand in the matter. It is over for Chad. This deal was shorter than one of Elizabeth Taylor’s marriages.

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I can’t understand anyone defending this garbage dump fire…

I understand your enthusiasm but I don’t ever think the Hogs getting smacked as a good thing… guess I just put the program first ahead of my ideas on a coach… Even when I wanted HDN gone I hated seeing them lose…

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Find one post tonight defending anything. I’ll wait.

A new low, that’s the thing about this coaching staff, They keep moving the needle.

I’m not really happy…this was actually a sarcastic line.

I had tears in my eyes as I watched the first half…watching the humiliation and embarrassing effort against Mississippi State. I wanted to cry, but I just didn’t. That sounds a litte melodramatic, but I have put my lifetime in as a Razorback fan. I have been going to games in Fayetteville and Little Rock since 1954-55. I have seen most all of the modern Razorback history.

We will come out of this situation and be good again. I really believe this, but something like this had to occur to force the necessary change coming. I feel bad for Coach Morris, but he wlll walk away a rich man from this failed experiment.

I didn’t say anything about a given night, that statement holds up for the last two years. And I applaud your patience, must be counting and reading your posts to pass the time.