Well this ....

Disappointing to say the least

Same recipe for about every game we have lost

Defensive sloppiness and failure to get runners from third with less than 2

Yeah we should have already broken this game open

We certainly ought to have more runs, but this reliever is looking better than I’d hoped.

Making that guy look like Nolan Ryan

McFarland has hurt us two games in a row. Gave error to pitcher and he could have kept that in front of him. His error started the inning.

Dumb errors all over the field on easy bunts or choppers. Just as annoying as can be.

Hell of it is, had we simply gone into the 9th trailing by just the 1 run, we’d have tied it up at 4.

I can live without getting the sweep down there, but I’ll be sick if we lose this series after getting the Friday night win. That’s already happened to us twice on the road this year.

We have to put this one behind us and hope we play much better tomorrow.

I think we probably start Lee and it will be imperative that He get off to a good start or it will get ugly