Well this is really disappointing and frustrating

Stephan has been magnificent

But one mistake may lose us the game

Game should be over but bullpen fails once again

What’s frustrating is watching a lead disappear. Wrong pitcher came in to pitch the bottom of the ninth. Hogs need to win. MSU has already lost. leaving too many men on base i

But none of that mattered. Span’s 2 run HR made it all moot. Then 3 up 3 down in B10 & the hogs win a big one. WPS.

Don’t know what A&M has left in its pitching staff, but their stud reliever threw 50 pitches. I don’t see him coming back this weekend. Ags used several pitchers tonight, but I suspect only 2 are definitely out completely the rest of the series. Stephan was great. His one mistake didn’t cost us & Reindl finally settled down. If Blaine can pitch well tomorrow, I like our chances of winning this series.

Who would have been the right pitcher? Reindl’s ERA is almost a full point lower than anyone else in the bullpen, and he’s thrown the most innings of any full-time reliever. He has easily been the most consistent.

“Baseball is like church: Many attend; few understand.” — Bill Veeck :wink: