Well, this is beginning to look too much like last night

Not a good 1st

yeah they are swinging at everything and we are setting there watching it!!! never understood that…swing the bat guys!!

Maybe not last weekend or next weekend, but this weekend, they’re just better than us. They’re slapping us all around the park.

Hope I spoke too soon. We’re back in it after 3. Tied at 3.

What a great pitching job by Evan Lee. Bases juiced & he strikes out their best hitter. Dave left Chadwick in a bit too long, but we got away with it. Now if we can build on this 2 run lead.

What a monster win that was!

Bullpen really came through today after our second straight early exit by the starter. We’ll have to win tomorrow (if we even play) to keep up with Moo U at the top of the West; MSU swept Bama thanks to a doubleheader win today and is 13-5. We’re 12-5, Auburn is 11-6, which would be tied for the East lead with Kentucky.

After pitching great to get us out of the 6th (?), Evan Lee lost it in the next inning. Fortunately, Reindl came in & pitched great. Those 2 errors by the Aubie 2nd basemen were huge. Taking that 4 run lead into the 9th probably took a whole lot out of the Auburn sails. We’d have all been climbing the walls if we only had a 2 run lead after that 1 out double AU got in the 9th.

It was a great win. Accomplished job 1–avoid getting swept. If we play tomorrow I like our chances to get the series. MSU’s sweep was big, but they face Auburn next weekend. Something will give in that series. We face an Ole Miss team that hasn’t performed too well in SEC play.

Reindl has been spectacular in SEC games. His ERA is 0.56 in 16 innings.

What is up with MSU? Just wow. We swept them in the first series of the SEC season, that means since then they are 13-2 in 5 series. Again, just wow.

Are they that good?

MSU is playing great baseball. I bet they come down to earth a bit in the next few weeks, however.

The Hogs are in fine shape. Just keep it up.