Well this ends the stadium debate. I expect

Long to extend beyond 2018.


Leach was the offensive coordinator for Kentucky in 1998. I’ve heard multiple people say that was the loudest game they ever attended in Little Rock.

“It’s as if you had a football game in the neighbors’ basement.” A Mike Leach phrase if there ever was one.

That was the loudest game I have ever been to. Holy smokes that was loud. Was it David Barrett with the big INT?

Yes. Kentucky was driving and that helped turn the game around.


I remember UK had a WR named Craig Yeast. I think Zac Painter decleated him!

Box score from the game


Painter and Kennedy at safety. Those were some heavy hitters.

Looking at that box score reminded me of when you could really knock the opponent to the ground.
There were some good hogs on that team

I couldn’t hear after that game!..good thing I went to a bachelor party after the game that involved strippers so hearing was not required…
ACCIDENTALLY knocked a lady down getting out of the stadium cause I didn’t want to be late…!!!

I was at that game, too. It was one of the most thrilling I’ve ever attended–and, yes, it was incredibly loud.

I was there also. Kentucky had Tim Couch. Great game.

Kenoy Kennedy was the guy who just about killed a Kentucky receiver in the 4th quarter. That guy laid out for a while, but finally got up to all the fans’ relief.

The noise at War Memorial was always louder than RRS. Must be the thin air in those mountains up north.

Was at that game. One of the most exciting ever and it was loud. I drove to Lexington, MS after the game. I was so wound up after the game that I could still not get to sleep even after that drive.

Loved being on the sideline for that game! Definitely a part of the golden age of WM.

Can’t forget the Bama QB calling RRS the loudest place he has played.

Give me Hog fans and a good game and I’ll take the acoustics of the Chi Omega Greek Theater over most stadiums.

If you don’t get fans into WMS it won’t matter. KY didn’t travel. You have to guarantee opposing teams something like 7000 tickets and you just moved the game three hours closer to them. Bad logistics for winning football games, sorry.

I’m an old timer but I’ll go back to the A&M game in WMS in the late 80s. Kevin Murphy was the QB (did I get that right?). We were up 14-7 and A&M drove the length of the field as the game wound down. We had a red zone stand to end it. Deafening. I was on the sideline that game and “WOW!” Amazing atmosphere.

I always attributed the greater noise to the fact WMS is a complete bowl and that its seats are very compact & near the field. Sometime in the 60’s I believe they increased capacity by simply putting more seat numbers on those bleachers. They added 1 or 2 seats per bleacher. Second, if you’ll notice, WMS is not very tall. The top row (about row 58 or so) is much closer to the field than most stadiums with 58 rows. If you’re on row 58 in RRS, you’re probably 20 feet higher & further away than at WMS. There’s just very little room between rows at WMS.

However, Leach mentioned something I hadn’t considered before–WMS is all concrete. Actually the EZ’s are steel, but the main stands are totally concrete. Perhaps that helps the noise.

Whatever it is, I agree WMS always sounded louder to me than RRS. I don’t think it has to do with fans’ enthusiasm being different at one vs. the other. I have heard players from other teams (one from Bama particularly) who’ve talked about how loud RRS was when they played in it. Regardless, I’m proud that either of our stadiums get that kind of praise. I really enjoyed Leach’s remarks, especially since they were to a Pac 12 crowd & he called the loudest of all places–including Neyland & Ben Hill Griffin.

I can think of many such games at WMS. The Houston game in about 1988 or 89 was that way. So was a game against Baylor in the early 80’s. Both were back & forth affairs the Hogs won, but only at the very end. I was at both those. Both were deafening. Another I recall was the So Cal game in 1974. We won that game something like 24-7, but SC went on to win the NC. Talk about loud.

I didn’t attend the game against the Aggies in 1975 when the “Immortal Teddy Barnes” caught a TD in the south EZ near the end of the 1st half that opened the floodgates for us to win something like 31-7 over the heavily favored, #2 ranked Aggies. I gave my tickets to a friend. He said he’d never heard a stadium so loud.

Kenoy plastered that Kentucky wideout.

You are right on both games. Houston was 1989 and Baylor was 1981. I too was at both games. Two of my favorite games of all time. For the Houston game, I was living out of state and flew in to see it. Very fun trip!!!