Well there it goes again Wiki

Arkansas coach…


Check me out see IF IT changes back. :slight_smile:


And it’s gone. LOL

People playing games.

STOP that, not cool!!

That’s actually how Wiki is supposed to work. If somebody screws with a page, someone else come along and fixes it. You would hope that most of the changes to pages make them better, but reader beware.

I think they have moderators who oversee the changes…a source has to be posted also w the change. If the source is bad or in this case premature, they change it back. It’s changed back and forth at least twice today. Overall, some decent info on their pages.

Swine, under most conditions Wiki provides a good source for information.

Like Barrow, AK where my daughter lives.

Coaching searches as they are going on. NOT good info…

I agree. I’ve found it to be pretty reliable, but it ain’t gospel truth. Especially during coaching searches.