Well there are

10 people are online here. Is that correct?
OK guys now I’m giving this a try.

QUESTION. My month is June and was charged the 99 bucks. I think that’s the complete package for HI.
NOW what do I do? So Scout took my 99 bucks. SO am I being charged at 15 bucks a month now?
When did that start? June 1st they take 99 bucks, and HI is taking 15 bucks starting June 1st…
HELP here please, and thank you

10 PEOPLE?? Nobody like this deal or what?

Clay and others give some insight here please…

NOW there are 5 people.
I would appreciate if I’m not tell me 339 you should have done this already.
I have had company and yes very busy…

AND it says
2;07 AM July 2nd. What is this Greenwich Time?
IT’s 9:12 CST where I’m at. As is the vast majority of the HI group. Yes some are all over the world…

You can select your time zone in the Settings.

There have been almost 1,800 people sign up for this board in five days. You posted at 9 p.m. on a Friday of a holiday weekend. There aren’t many people online anywhere.

To answer your question, your most recent payment to Scout will be honored here until its expiration. You won’t be charged again until next June.

Each poster has to set his own time (forgot how to do it, if you see the post
“can we get the clock fixed” read it, it tells you how). I personally don’t like that (not that big of a deal, but don’t like it) I want the “time stamp” to be when a post was made (I would suggest US Central time, as that is where Arkansas is), not the time zone where the poster is, but it isn’t a big deal.

As to the number of people on line, it is the dead time of year, on a Friday, on a holiday weekend. I don’t think it would be much different (if at all) on the old site.

+6 hours

Want some cheese with that whine? Geez, some people. The old board would have also been dead dead dead at 9 p.m. on Friday night of a holiday weekend with no RAzorback sports in sight. Sometimes it was dead on Friday night before a Saturday football game for that matter. You just didn’t know how many people weren’t there.

The count is for users in the last 5 minutes. I would venture to say the old HI was users every 60 minutes. I think if it’s changed to 60 it would reflect that there’s much more traffic.

Swine I take a personal offense from that statement.
And your about the last person on this board that needs to be making statements like that.
Is your name Michael?