Well that's two road games against ranked teams

Where we had a 3 to tie at the end and missed it. (Baylor being the other)

Of course if we don’t disappear for 6 minutes, we don’t need that 3. Or miss a crapton of foul shots.

Frustrating but on to Mustard land.

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just so frustrating…the whole season has been non-stop frustration…so close but just can’t quite put it all together

boy, I’m ready for the conference season to end… it’s been rough on us

Hopefully we still make the ncaa tournament so we can play someone besides an SEC school

It is disappointing. Makes you wonder what we do at halftime sometimes to not come out as aggressive in second as in the first half. We did not give up at all though against a great team. If our heads are right and we play two halves, we can play with anyone and will be a tough out in NCAAs

Are we a Guard short of greatness? Once again, all of our primary Guards played a ton of minutes.

I thought we were very aggressive on offense, but we didn’t get calls for much of the half, and Bama executed much better on offense. Then when we started finally getting calls it was too late. And yeah, we just ran out of time; 30 more seconds we might win.

The bad news is we lost a game that we really had a chance to win against a very probable # 1 seed on the road. The good news is that the team seems to be coming together.

I’m more worried about the bad foul shooting than anything else, but I really think this team’s best basketball is in front of them.


That’s 5 games we should have won

M St
24-5 Maybe 23-6

I tell were we should be is in A&M’s place!!


What is Mustard land?

think we’re one Trevan Brazile short of greatness

They remember March. Win three or four games in the second half of March, the rest of the season becomes irrelevant. And I guarantee you Nate Oats doesn’t want to play us on a neutral court with NSJ.



Refer to the Swine glossary tacked to the football board, but after Tennessee threw mustard bottles at Lane Kiffin in 2021, they are now the Evil Mustard Empire.

Thanks, I forgot about the mustard bottles.

This is a game we should have won plain and simple… I think it’s a miracle that we almost pulled this off considering we went 6 minutes without scoring in the second half. We had an 80% free throw shooter miss I think 4 free throws. Didn’t show up on the defensive glass at all in the second half where we were totally dominant in the first half.

That is all mental,for some reason we came out of the second half about half cocked which to me is ridiculous because you knew Alabama had to be totally pissed off about how they played in the first half and were going to come out like somebody had stole something from them in the second half…

I love the "Dog"attitude this team plays with but there is no excuse for the inconsistencies this team has shown pretty much all year.

This is a team nobody really wants to play now that we have Nick back but there are still some mental demons that they are going to have to get corrected or we not going to go very far at all.

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I love the attitude that we should have won. But I am not ready to say that.

Free throw shooting is part of the game. A BIG part when you make it a core principle. Getting to the line is a core principle with Muss. Which means you gotta bury them.

I knew we went 20-29. Not good. But not horrible. I didn’t realize we went 1-9 in the stretch where that school we played pulled away.

So if you ask me, we should not have won. We shot FT’s too badly.

BUT as I said earlier I remain optimistic. We were on their home floor. Put this game on our floor or a neutral floor, I do believe we win.

I think a real run is in this team. I could be wrong. Have been wrong lots of times. But I can sense it.

What we can’t have is AB playing his worst game of the season against the best team we have played.


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