Well, that was ugly....

We asked for the game and got it. We have a solid team, but a weak front line. North Carolina is just so big and good…a mismatch inside. We’ll be a pretty good ball club by year end when Gafford has matured a little more.

Different level of talent, depth, & coaching. Just the unvarnished truth

Yep UNC still has waves of talent & we had no legs.

Lots of teaching moments

That didn’t take long. So stupid and yet so predictable.

Ha ha, that one was actually slow, it started with the 15-2 run at the beginning

Oh lord, now that Bielema is gone, we’ve got to endure those “fans” who jump on Anderson after any loss.

Not a loss that I am going to sweat. If we get another chance in the dance, I think it will be a very different game. Good learning experience.

Beard should not be allowed to play that way.

He thinks he is the 1st option and shoots to much.

Why is Thomas playing that mush also? always out of position

Yes. Two of the usual suspects already out. The foul and FT disparity was justified because we don’t drive the ball (complete garbage) and the “unvarnished truth” is that UNC is in a completely different level of players and coaches even though we were up 5 on them with 3 mins left last year and down 6 without our best player(s) for most of the game this year and after another lopsided game of whistles.

MA is “dumb” for playing our style because we play 3 games in 4 days.

It’s so predictable. I’m not going to let them ruin this season for me.

We have a good team and if we stay healthy it’s going to be a really fun year. The trolls aren’t going to impact me this year like they did last year.

Who? I only saw one on this thread

U don’t play back to backs in March Madness. We still have a player suspended too. Mike is building this for March. Yes we wanted to win. Yes Carolina had better players. No Roy Williams is not a better coach, pays better maybe. Great experience for our young super talented team that can play with anyone when Daryl and Jalen get some help.

We didn’t play even close to our best game and the refs were once again one sided in favor of UNC. I am still very excited about this basketball team and think this is going to be a special season if we stay healthy. I don’t care who we play Sunday. I just want us to beat the crap out of them.

It was not surprising that we lost to UNC. The OU game left us with dead legs. Foul trouble especially to Gafford really hurt us with NC big front line. Macon was having a bad game, but his injury took his 3 point treat away. Most importantly, NC played great defense. They harassed our guards all day and did not let them have any flow. Their bigs controlled the boards.Today NC was clearly a better team.

In the big picture, this loss really does nothing to us long term. It shows that our young players need more playing time against top level competition. Gafford has the talent to hold his own against good big men. His improvement will be an up and down experience this year. As he improves, we will be a dangerous team for any opponent. We do need to develop more depth so intense fast tempo games like OU will not leave us with dead legs. The hangover from the OU game caused the poor shooting and foul trouble. And NC is a top level team.

The bottom line is that this tourney will really be good fo us. I still think that very good senior guard play coupled with the fast improving Gafford form the foundation for the best Hog team since the late 90’s. WPS

this tournament will be really good for us

we are good basketball team
good enough to play against the best teams in nonconference
you lose like yesterday… build from that. much more so than a W

i hated it
but it will be good for us
make us better in conference and especially in march

I watched the 1st half of UCONN vs Mich St. I was not overly impressed with either. I couldn’t figure out if both teams were so good they made the other team look bad, or if both teams were so bad they made the game hard to watch.

Apparently, in the 2nd half Mich St played much better. However, after watching the games yesterday, UNC is better than Mich St (and Duke), and I think we are better than UCONN (if Macon is healthy). I think if we beat UCONN, you’ll see us garner a ranking.

P.S. Florida is REALLY good