Well that is sobering

Among all the criticism of the OLine, techniques, skill ,heart, etc. (I get the criticism) some players have been tweeting things like we will be back, we will get it turned around, etc… but a few hours ago Frank Ragnow tweets:

“Just want my dad back”

Thanks for posting that. After 2 days of nothing but grumbling and complaining about coaches and players, the board, and me especially, needed that. Frank is the undisputed leader of the OL, so you know he took every word expressed on this board about the OL as being directed specifically toward him. He no longer has his dad to confide in at a time when he’s needed the most.

That’s real life!

I thought Frank played his butt off Saturday night. He’s got new players on either side of him and helped them best he could. I did think about his loss of his father as he was leaving the field. He was very close to his father. They were fishing buddies. He told me of some of their trips to Canada to a remote cabin. I know it will be tough for him even to go back there again. I asked if he had ever been there without his father and he said no. He figured he could find it and get there, but his father always went with him.

I am 53 and still have my father (very lucky I know). He is 87. Just found out he is having surgery Wednesday. Shouldn’t be a big deal, but he is 87. Putting an 87 year old under is scary no matter what.

This remark really hit home for me.

Football is important. There wouldn’t be paid Boards like this one if it wasn’t. There wouldn’t be multi billion dollar TV contracts if people didn’t think it was important. BUT, it is very unimportant compared to the REALLY important things in this world.

That tweet puts it all in perspective…

Sobering is an understatement. Prayers for Frank and his teammates.

It’s just football. Frank is dealing with life.