Well, SwineFusion...looks like we have an answer

When the plans to start work on the Baseball Performance Center in right field were announced a couple of years ago, I speculated that the building might…might…have some effect on fly balls hit that way, depending on wind conditions on a specific day. Didn’t know the answer…just mused that I’d be interested to see if that would be the case.

You responded and said I was “overstating” the effect of the building, and went on to talk about wind and dormitories located elsewhere on campus. As we are wont to due from time to time, we engaged in a little debate - mostly about what I actually said vs. what you seemed to think I had said.

Time passes…and now, even though the building is not completely finished, the exterior - the part that would (or would not) affect fly balls has been erected.

Today, DVH had a presser on the upcoming Fall Series, Fall practices, personnel moves, etc. In discussing the fact that all but the first game of the series will be available on the SEC+ Network, he spoke about how it is good for parents of players to be able to see the kids actually play. And then he went on to discuss how it is great exposure for the program…including the new facility.

“This new facility…it’s incredible…and how it’s changed the look of the place and probably even how it plays a little bit. with certain winds being knocked down, balls are jumping out of the park better than ever now…even on a day when (the wind is blowing in) they can knock that ball through the wind with that building as tall as it is…I mean, it’s as big as our scoreboard.”

The part about the Performance Center and how it affects balls hit to right start at the 20:54 mark of the video linked above.

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I have always thought it might knock down some of the wind and help to make it easier to hit HR. DVH said it will be as high a scoreboard and that is pretty high so any ball hit below that height should not really be affected…

Brady Slavens just hit one that hit the top level of the baseball development center. Wind or no wind, that one was crushed. The roof of the BDC is very close in height to the top of the scoreboard.

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Looking forward to seeing him play

Yep…as per the quote from DVH I posted in the OP…

I was confirming what DVH said with my own observations from the stream today. I’m guessing you knew that. Or not.

Yeah…thanks…but I don’t think any of us needed any confirmation beyond DVH’s comments, what with all of the pictures of the facility that are out there on the internet, plus yesterday’s (and today’s) live stream. We all have eyes and can see (have seen) for ourselves that it’s true. Plus, we probably just believed him when we read (or heard) the quote from his presser.

Instead, you could have used that space to simply acknowledge that your prior comments (about the effect of the new building on flies to right field under windy conditions) were - in fact - incorrect. That’s something some folks here might be interested in seeing.

“The insufferable Wiz” :wink:

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There is no mistaking what happens to wind going over, around and bouncing off structure.

We will be reminded of that by announcers covering Amen Corner this weekend at Augusta National. The wind swirls in strange ways because of those massive pine trees.

On 12 tee, you look at the flag at the green and it’s blowing one way. And you throw up grass on the tee 150 yards away and it falls a different direction. No way to tell which way it’s blowing after you hit the shot. Scary because 10 yards difference can mean a double bogey. Hold your breath with the ball in the air. Did you pick the right club? Are you in the water, on the green or in the back bunker. Only one of those is good.

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