Well, now we've had "Shark-ansas" . . . and then "Bark-ansas" . . .

. . . so, what’s next?

Maybe white shirts, ties, blue suit coat, glasses and a fedora for “Clark-ansas”?

I might be over-thinking that one . . . :wink:

I give them credit.

They have gotten after it this season.

The costumes are like $80 each

At those prices, I would be fine if they want to keep using them on a rotating basis or something like that.

College kids having fun. More power to them. They are showing up and making noise.

Yes there were several years when students interest was pretty low. I’m happy to see that going in the other direction. I didn’t like the sharks because of the OM connection but I love the coordination l.

An active, full student section adds to the experience for everyone–players, recruits, other fans.

Kudos to them for bringing it. They’re one reason we have one of the best home court advantages in America.

Dinosaur suits for “Rahr-kansas”?

Fortunately the students are more creative than we are.

They should be Pirates: ARRRRRRRR-Kansas!

From the student scientists: Quark-ansas

This is fun! How about Dunk-ansas or BeyondtheArc-ansas? Love that the students are engaged!

Dunkansas is an incredible idea. That should go across the front of some of our alternative uni’s.

Thanks, Gas. Go for it! With you involved, maybe it could happen! WPS…

How about Ar-CAN-sas.

They come in garbage cans and come out of can dressed as Cookie Monster and cookies are flying everywhere in stands.

Ok, maybe not.

Ha! And then there’s Arkan-SAW. Everybody dresses like Jason carrying chain saws …!

Definitely no!