Well, now ex players are Tweeting...

Ronnie Brewer Tweeting about how it’s “absurd” and “unacceptable” to lose to a bad Missouri team. Or something like that. Of course, Ronnie’s teams didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I bet we could find a real bad loss or two by those guys. Maybe not as bad as this current team’s fine work, but I digress.

By the way, when will Long give us another “the sky is not falling” Tweet? Anxious to see that (while I’m in the middle of sheltering myself from the falling sky).

If Long won’t tell us that, then I’m sure some of the posters on this board will give us the equivalent. Very dependable.

Oh, and about that “mausoleum” at Missouri? Count the butts in seats at BWA the next few games. We’ve got no room to talk.

Right Ive been screaming for fans to buy in and show up for these games, but this is exactly why it does not happen!!!

Regardless of any impending decision on a Head Coach, what does anyone expect but support from an AD during an unfinished season?

Umm, I was being facetious about Long. Actually, to Long’s credit at least he is not (yet anyway) sending out dumb, patronizing “sky is not falling” Tweets like he did after the Belk bowl. He probably realizes he’s better off keeping silent on Mike’s situation. And don’t you agree that Mike is now firmly in the middle of a “situation”? Or at least ought to be? Mississippi State and Oklahoma State are one thing, but this was really pretty devastating.