Well, NEA . . . welcome to your nightmare . . .

JK . . . but I know you didn’t want the Horns to be paired with our regional because you were afraid they’d come here and win the Super.

Now, the stakes are raised . . . and we don’t get them at home.

But I think this team is ready for them. And for those that will point out (and there will be MANY) our dismal road record - remember, BOTH teams are on the road for these games. That’s a little bit different.

According to the AUB/FLA game, we play winner. I’m confused, our game said Texas, this game said FL/AUB winner in the late game. Anyone know for sure?

I admit to fearing the old Texass bugaboo jinx, but I think we’re probably the better team. However, we’ll be hearing for the next week how Roger Clemens’s kid is the best baseball player to ever appear in the college ranks.

(There’s no doubt we play Texas. ESPN screwed up.)

Vs AR this year

8 at bats, 2 hits, 1 RBI and that wasn’t against Knight.