Well... Maybe Bret spoke too soon

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Schiano to be DC for Pats, obviously a much better choice, in my opinion. Couldn’t really see Bill making Bret a DC.

Why in the world would Bret Bielema say that to anyone? That is a strange statement to make when knowing full well he was probably not going to be the defensive coordinator. Even if he was going to get the job, he never should have said it. Strange.

Things are said by agents, coaches and others to spread misinformation or put pressure on teams during coaching searches. With the number of aggregate websites and social media now, it has the intended desire within hours, if not minutes.

Did Bielema actually say that? I don’t know. All of the reports I saw cited anonymous sources and none quoted him on the record.

Matt, thanks for explaining that. Apparently Coach Bielema didn’t say this, so it is not a strange as I thought.

Who knows if he actually did or didn’t, I agree it’s very skeptical on if he did or didn’t because it’s all hear say. It sure wouldn’t shock me if he did though. Usually where there’s smoke, there was atleast a tad bit of fire, in some way.

He may have said it. I don’t know. All of the reports phrased it as he was telling his friends he would be the DC.

Prior to all of that, he was thought to be a candidate for the Dolphins’ DC job. Would his agent float his name as a coordinator in New England to put pressure on the Dolphins to hire him? If so, it wouldn’t be the first time an agent has pulled that maneuver.

So, where does this leave the man? Would this have an adverse effect on his relationship with the Patriots? Any chance the Patriots would have floated the disinformation?

I, too, could not believe the Patriots would offer him any major coaching position. In all his time with the Hogs he seemed lost on the sidelines. He never seemed involved and seldom if ever did he or his staff make any meaningful changes at halftime. The record speaks for itself. He is a nice guy and has a personality, but a pro level coach needs more going for him.

Imagine that, BB speaking too soon…

Well said, Hogred.

Look. I get that people blame Bret Bielema for what happened here and justifiably so. He was the head coach, the guy in charge, and the buck stops on his desk. He was also the guy in charge in Wisconsin and left a three-time Rose Bowl program to take our job. I don’t care how much influence Barry Alvarez had, he wasn’t coaching the team on Saturday, or recruiting the players, or running practice every day. And BB didn’t suddenly get stupid, or forget how to coach, when he moved from Madison to Fayetteville. Greg Schiano had a lot less success in college than Bret Bielema did (zero conference titles), not to mention Schiano somehow got an NFL head coaching job and went 11-21.

If he didn’t get stupid or forget how to coach…

Then what the Hell happened?

Let’s just say Bielema is someone that needs LOTS of oversight and supervision.

He came from a program that was on the success rails before he took over and was held tightly in check by the AD that knew the coaching side for obvious reasons. He came to Arkansas with complete freedom, a very large buyout and a team that didn’t even know where the train station was much less the rails. Big money, freedom, and arrogance make a combustable intoxication that have ruined a many poor boy and I know of one.

There it is, not even Brett or any other would toot their horn like that I don’t think. Plus undermine Belicheck - Mr keep everything close to the hip. Nah
Now if Brett is somehow jobless soon and not in transition to somewhere else with promotion. We know he said it.