Well looky who's on the hot seat

Robert Patrick Petrino, cruising toward a losing record without the Heisman winning QB who still couldn’t get them past 9-4.

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I firmly believe Arkansas football is now a dumpster fire because BP loaded that dumpster with flammable materials and threw in the match. We’re paying for his two years of fleeting success with now seven years of mediocrity or worse.

Tom Jurich gave BP one of those insane contracts that will make it very painful for UL to get rid of him, but as we found out with BB, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

I couldn’t agree more. Ole Bobby’s disdain for recruiting is finally catching up with him.

Oh I think Bobby didn’t mind going out recruiting…he just never left the hotel room and wasn’t in there alone. :roll:

So now you’ve elevated your game to blaming the entire decline of Razorback football on Petrino? It’s almost as if you actually knew Petrino and he did something to you personally.

If nothing else you’re consistent. And so am I…We will always disagree on this issue.

One of the best offensive minds in college football. Also, one of the worst recruiters. He never set foot inside of a high school in Arkansas. Not once.

We are a dumpster fire because of Bret Bielema.
Petrino May hav sucked as a person but he gave us some of the best 2 years we’ve ever had. I had a blast.

Bielema caused this, because of incompetency across the board when it comes to being a coach.

Arkansas football might have been headed for eventual decline as players tired of Petrino’s act the way players tired of Holtz’s method, too.

The dumpster fire came from the necessity of firing Petrino.

Going an entire season with a placeholder, asleep-at-the-wheel coach was destructive.

Finally hiring a coach who had never assembled his own staff and wanted to play a brute-force style against the brutest forces in football … didn’t help.

The greatest damage came from having a dramatic, immediate downshift from top 10 football to embarrassment.

You can blame Petrino for a lot of things but not for what Smiley, Long and Beilema created.

AR is a dumpster fire due to many factors. Starting with BP hitting the ditch, the failed JS fiasco, depending on a Coach to rebuild the program from the ground up, whom had never done that before, much less in the toughest division in football.
Then very poor recruiting due to all of the above.

Louisville’s defense looks totally lost tonight. GT is gashing them on every play.

I have never seen as poor of a defense as Lousiville has right now. Georgia Tech is not a very good team. Yet they have 51 early 4th quarter.

The thought that BP would not have anymore good seasons at Arkansas is a theory, the reality of CBB being a horrible coach and recruiter is a fact.

It’s a silly, speculative theory espoused by people that want to make feel-good excuses about Jeff Long negligently running off mean ole Bobby.

And you’re right about CBB being terrible on many different fronts. Just awful.

GT threw 2 passes and completed 1 for 12 yards. 550 yards rushing. A whompin’ it were. :sunglasses:

Doesn’t take much speculation. Look what Petrino has done at Louisville the 2nd go-round.

He’s about to be 2-10 or 3-9 with a bullet in Y5 at Louisville. He just gave up 66 at home to a 1950s offense that threw 2 passes and completed one. He gave up almost 600 yards rushing.

Louisville is worse than we were last year. It’s not really even debatable.

But, keep groveling over that awful person and increasingly awful program builder.

He’s every bit as much toast as Bielema was last year. He’s done. Finished. His awful approach to defense and assistants and dealing with people has caught up with him, again.

If they can come up with his Bielemaish buyout he will be gone sooner rather than later.

Ridiculous. He has a bunch of 8-5 and 9-4 records with a Heisman winner. Bowl game every year. At that football powerhouse Louisville.

Bet you’d take that right now in Fayetteville wouldn’t you?

Yeah, bad season this year. But you were probably one of those guys willing to give Nutt or Bielema multiple passes after bad years like this. And yet you think Louisville should fire Bobby this year.

Again, ridiculous.

Poor Swine-and his Petrino derangement syndrome

You know, I have no reason to believe Petrino wouldn’t have been successful here. Problem is, he screwed it up for himself. You can blame Long for firing him, but any AD in America (literally any) would have done the same thing. The only bad move by Long was John L. Smith. Never let the players choose their coach. Everything pointed to Bielema being a great hire, but it didn’t pan out. Turns out he didn’t know up from down. Given two choices, firing CBP and end up where we are now, or keeping him and potentially winning a NC, I would still ask Long to do what he did. Arkansas isn’t about that kind of life. It would feel like a Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire situation. An asterisk. I’m from Arkansas and I hold myself to a higher standard because this state deserves better. CBP isn’t the coach everyone thought he was, and it makes me so happy to know sticking with morality is worth it…no matter what happens this season or next. Anyone who says different isn’t worth the dirt off their boot.

A perfect summary of why Arkansas football has fallen off a cliff. “Sticking with morality was worth it…” Well, OK.

And you’d rather have fired Petrino than win a national title in football?

You don’t really believe that.

I love to see how bad old BP is as a coach… 119 wins and 52 losses. Moral servitude is lacking and can’t be debated, but a bad coach he is not.