Well . . . look who's leading the NFL . . .

. . . in yards per rushing attempt:

http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/play … ushAttempt

I said from day 1 Alex would be a good NFL back. Id he keeps his weight down, he will play for a long time.

No surprise there. Go Alex. Areal good guy.

If he is going to thrive in the NFL, he must focus more
on ball security. He may be 1st in yards per attempt,
but he is also 2nd in fumbles among the top 48 RBs.
The NFL is not forgiving when it comes to the turnover
dept. That is a fast ticket to the unemployment line.

I think he will get it corrected though and have a good


Alex has an uncanny ability to move in tight spaces…which is what the NFL is all about. He has such great feet and can shake and move on a dime. He will do well if he can hold on to the football. He doesn’t have a good pair of hands even though those feet are incredible. I hope he does well like all of us Hog fans do.

I hope Alex plays many years in the NFL. Do it now while there still is professional football.

His playing ability was a joy to behold as a Razorback.
His personality resonated where ever a football fan
watched him interacting with others while he was here.

In all likelihood, we would never have seen him in a
Razorback uniform without Bielema. Coach has the
program at a lot higher plane in many measurable
facets than when he arrived. In the end, wins and
losses will be the determining issue.

If he’ll quit fumbling should have a good career…