We'll know in an hour, but one last NCAAT projection

From Baseball America.

They put Maryland, Northeastern and the mighty Jacksonville Dolphins in Fayetteville; maybe JD Notae knows some of the JU players.

Fayetteville is paired in this projection with Ruston, which will be La Tech, Okie Lite, the Corndogs and South Alabama. That’s a pretty tough regional in the Love Shack,

OK, two last projections; D1B also updated this morning. They also pair Fayetteville with Ruston. They predict the exact same four teams in Ruston, but have UConn, AZState as the 3 and Norfolk State in Baum-Walker. They also project both Bama and Georgia to miss the field.

Baseball America projects Bama to get in but not Georgia.

It would be fun if Central Connecticut made it back to Baum. We enjoyed meeting many of their fans.

I agree. Their variety of Blue Devils was a lot nicer than the Dook variety.

BA projects CCSU to Fort Worth. D1B puts them in Lubbock.

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