Well Justice Hill has decided to play football

Our starting pg transferred from Colorado where he averaged fewer than 4 points a game. He couldn’t shoot the ball while there. Why was he ever brought in? Someone please explain.

New Mexico.

He wasn’t brought in to be a scorer even though he’s averaging a respectable 8.4 points a game. His assist-turnover ratio was excellent during the first part of the season not so good lately.

Respectable is misleading as many minutes as he plays he should score 8 points a game…with his jump shot he can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat… that makes us so much easier to guard you can’t have that kind of liability at the point guard position especially when he’s turning the ball over so much lately

Who expected him to be a 15 points a game guy when he transferred? I give you he’s turning the ball over more lately but who on the team is playing at a high level right now.

No one is so I guess the blame is easy to spread around but nonetheless I wouldn’t offer a guard that can’t put the ball in the basket

In the coaches defense, he shot the 3 at a 25% clip in his one year at New Mexico, sure not great but something to build on. Considering you expect improvement during a redshirt year, I don’t think I would’ve considered that a major red flag.

I’ll throw you one other thought out there. As we all know Mike and Fitz and Justice have known each other and been fairly close for a long time. Is it possible this is a hedge on Mike’s future? Because I do think after a year as understudy he just might the answer at PG.

Do we even know, at this point, that CCM is willing to give Justice a football scholarship. I know CCM offered Justice, but was it a committable offer?

I’m glad to see this, Justice is athletic and can probably make an impact down the road in football…

There would be quite a few that would fit that description. I would bet your posts earlier in te season was pretty positive about Harris.

If he ever plays in a football game, he has to count against the 85. Whether it’s a committable offer or not.

I’m dissapointed as well.

We need some full time basketball talent.

Mike needs Justice and to pick up some top jucos right now and to make something work fast for the program before his time runs out.

this is true

Remember when Beck and McDaniel first arrived here, Beck could not hit the 3 at all and McDaniel was kind of like Harris, maybe a bit better. Eventually McDaniel became a very good shooter and Beck could hit 3 once in a while, Kareem and Darrel Walker are other examples.

Pj, I watched Beck play hs and aau ball. He was a real point guard even then. No comparison between he and Harris.

But to be clear Justice does not go on football scholarship and count against the 85 until he steps on field in a live game.


Yes, Dudley said earlier he will still go on basketball scholarship at the end of this semester

The discussion here is about shooting, not PG play. Not comparing anyone to anyone. The point is that we have recruited guards who could not shoot very well when they got here.

The one the hogs miss most right now is not having Garland ever getting cleared to play last season and this season! There some scoring punch that has been missed.
I hope Justice Hill excels in both sports.