Well Justice Hill has decided to play football

This is really terrible news for the basketball team. I was really hoping he would be the starting point guard next year.

Its been said by many that his jump shot needs work. No way it gets working playing football.

I think your overreacting. The young man wants to go out this spring and play! The thing I worry about is him getting hurt. Not him wanting to play. He will have time to work on his shot. One thing one should think about is he will be in the weight room with the football team. That alone would help him get stronger and put on more good weight. The way the hogs have been pushed around they could use some weight room work with the football team. As far as that goes it may be a good idea for CMA to pick up a few football players to put on the hardwood. Some grown men to rebound!

Justice Hill will put in the work on his shot and run his drills that he’s been working on.

It may be good news, that means he would have to go on football scholarship to be able to play right?

I believe that is a yes. That gives us another scholarship for bball

If he plays football that’s correct. Wow that would benefit but he wouldn’t be available for basketball activities until football is over.
Not what you want for a point guard.

If he is as talented as advertised, so be it. The coaches will figure it out. We have point guards to handle early non-conference schedule. Fear is that he dilutes his skill in both sports by not focusing on one. Let’s see what happens.

Thank God.

College football is the biggest sport by far and moves the needle like no other. And the SEC is and always will be a football league. To get respect in this league we need to excel in football.

The more great AR kids playing football the better.

Who are these point guards you speak of???


Not only there went my hope for Justice taking over the team, but perhaps he screwed us out of getting McBride. Mike had put all his faith in Justice and got slapped in his face. Maybe it is not meant to be for Mike.

On the other hand, a scholarship just opened up and we can recruit a PG. And I don’t need to sweat out Justice developing a reliable three pointer.

What position do you think Justice will make an impact for the football team? I have a feeling he will try football for a couple of years and end up a walk-on on the basketball team.

Kid has elite quicks, fluidity in hips, etc. He can play corner or a slot in the SEC. Tremendous pickup for the FB team.

Or maybe the team knows who will not be the coach next year and Justice doesn’t want to play for anyone else.

Now Mika can get a quality JuCo PG to play a couple of years while Hill figures out which way he is gonna go in the long run.

I knew Justice wasn’t going to be on basketball scholarship when they gave the free one to Holmes, that’s why I started a thread then and asked about it, it didn’t make any sense to me. No coach is going to give a walk-on player a scholarship over a guy that you recruited to be a scholarship player. Kentucky and Auburn recently had guys do like Hill, and they gave the player the open scholarship, they didn’t give it to any walk-ons lol.

But, PJ, I’ll be honest with you, don’t feel like this is a slap for CMA, this is honestly great news for him, if indeed it does free up a scholarship. I never thought Hill was going to be the answer at PG, not trying to bash him, but we’re in win now mode next year, and I thought best case scenario from him was competing for minutes as the 11th or 12th man next year. I heard it’s a lot of football rust there. I’m thinking it may have been a couple of years before we really had seen him be effective, and I don’t think CMA has that kind of time.

This give us a chance to possibly take a JUCO wing and a guard, rather than just 1, guys that can come in and be impact players from day 1 on campus. I think Jalen Harris days of starting PG are numbered, I think that’s why we’ve seen 2 combo guards name pop up in the last few days. With that extra scholarship Hill leaves, that allows us to take 4 guys. Hopefully 2 bigs, a wing, and a guard.

Having had a chance to cool down, I think you read this situation right. I do feel better about it now.

I figured much and I personally be can help more on the gridiron

Sign Frenchie

I’m more excited of Justice as football player than a basketball player I like him a lot at slot or corner he’s a play maker

Good post Blu, No matter who MA recruits it’s imperative that they are basketball players first and atheletes second, and by that I mean guys that are fundamentally sound, offensive,defensive,rebounding,FT shooting and passing the ball. MA no longer has the luxury and choosing guys that are diamonds in the rough so to speak, we don’t have to have 5 star players but we do have to have sound players. I believe we may have overlooked some guys that could have helped in the past for speedy guys with length and atheleticism and betting on their development. That’s my thoughts anyway. WPS