Well, just when I thought Bolden

Might get out of the first with no runs, we are now in the hole 3-0. Really hate no one could get to that little bloop single to left that scored 2. Probably a bad decision by Kenley to go to first on the next hit that scored the third run.

Looks like our bats need to bail us out tonight.

Oh duh, are we playing tonight? Maybe somebody should remind them of what happened the last time we played them? Sad.

And just like that, it’s 3-3.

I’m thrilled to be right back in it, but damn, another inning we leave the bases loaded. Of course, that was one helluva DP by their SS & 2B.

DVH doesn’t seem to have much patience tonight with pitchers who can’t get outs!

I figured it would be a bullpen night. This game is important, but the Mississippi State series is more important this weekend, so I doubt you’ll see anyone go more than about three innings.

Looks like it might be something like an 11-10 ballgame tonight. Hope not, but we’re not doing well on the mound.

I want to see what Hake can do.

I would like see Jake get on the mound tonight.

I hope he’s got a big bull pen. Looks like he’s gonna need it.

Lee sure is having a though time. Hitting a batter 0-2. Not good.

Looks like Mu-state will get their 11 or 12 in the first 3-4 innings. Lee isn’t able to do anything, either.

I think it’s time to put Biggers back into the lineup.

Okay. Held them to “just” 4 runs that inning. Even with this kind of game, though, I’m not too confident of getting the 4 we need to tie it up & then holding them to no more runs.

Strike out, strike out, strike out!

team not seeing the breaking ball well

they are crushing the ball looks like batting practice.

More drama…BASES LOADED!
Oh, and of course…2outs!
Come on Luke!!!

Maybe if they could change the rule so that a team is awarded one-half a run when it leaves the bases loaded—we’d be undefeated. Damn it’s frustrating.

So far, Ramage has stopped the bleeding. Now our offense needs to show him some support!
Come on Hogs!! Wish they could hear me.