Well Jimmy Dykes

Was the only 1 of the 3 SECN analysts that didn’t pick Dan Gafford for his 1st team all SEC team. Bradley & Hayes both had Gafford on theirs. Lol, Pat didn’t pronounce Dans last name correctly. Called him Gaffid.
I guess Jimmy didn’t want to show more AR bias with Bradley. But Jimmy was the only one with a Ky player on his.

Seriously? Let me get out my shocked face :shock:

Lol, Edit, actually Bradley was the only one without a Ky player on his team.

Jimmy Dykes can’t coach and likes to talk about what other coaches should have done. He loves Kentucky and the Greaseball. Anything he says holds no weight in my opinion. He should have thought a little more about his job when he was a coach!
With the scandal in college basketball he sided with the coaches that have no integrity and plain and simple are dirty.
The old saying birds of a feather flock together holds a lot of weight.
Just don’t pay any attention to what comes out of his mouth.

Did you hear him on Texas Tech broadcast say he was shocked to hear Mike Anderson had never had a losing season? How many times have the rest of you heard that? How could he possibly have not known that!

Jimmy is Coach Cal’s valet! Nothing more!

He keeps his head in the clouds sucking up to Greasball Cal, Bruce Pearl and Ben Howland. That’s why he didn’t know. He actually made a coment durning the Texas Tech game about Desi Sills when it was 0 for Texas Tech shooting free throws. Pretty much shows how much he knows about our hogs!

Jimmy is always auditioning for his beloved Cat’s…

Seems like Dykes goes out of his way not to talk about the Hogs, maybe he is bitter about being fired from the University.

Jimmy is one of my best friends, was in my wedding.

He loves the Razorbacks, played for them, coached them, lives here, loves his school and his state.

He likes the Wildcats, where he also once coached.

That’s as simple as a I can put it regardless of the narrative or perception.

He learned under Coach Sutton and knows a thing or two about coaching. Certainly not perfect, but not a dufus either.

It didn’t work well with the girls, which is a tougher gig when you haven’t coached them before.

He’s not bitter. Instead he is thankful for getting the chance to coach here.

I think he would have done better coaching guys.

Man of faith. Great dad, great father, great friend. Just overall good dude.

Some of you guys tear Daniel a new one and then jump all over someone who has the same criticism, etc.

Yea listen to the guys haven’t coached. Who do you listen to by the way on SECN? Everyone on there is either a noncoach or a coach that lost his job. You probably shouldn’t watch at all.